Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Give Away

Today's the day for my Give Away.....keep looking...I will draw the lucky winner of my "Salt Box House", your choice of white or green, at 7 o'clock this evening...that is if I am not called to Barn Duty. If so, I apologize and will get to it as soon after as I can. Hope you understand those little lambs are cute but causes plenty of stress and need lots of attention. Good Luck everyone.


  1. Good luck Anne with the little baby lambs. I've got three new calves to bottle feed and they are all doing well.

    1. Congrats. on your new calves, Julia...lots of work involved, for sure...we have 25 lambs now and five more sheep to produce...will be happy when that part is over....Good Luck in the draw and thanks for participating..