Monday, December 28, 2009


Christmas Eve was a very quiet one for my DH and I, with no company around. We reminisced about Christmas when our two boys, Sandy & Dale, were young and indeed about our own many years before. We enjoyed Christmas Day with my 91 year old mother-in-law, who lives in a Long Term Care Facility. Had a lovely dinner with her and chatted about "Old Times" , which she enjoys immensely. It is the first time in 40 years that I didn't cook a turkey....missed that part.......

HOWEVER, today our company arrives......... Our son and his family , all four of them and am really excited about seeing them, especially the grandchildren {of course} Alena, who is eleven years old and Liam, who is seventeen months old. It is as if I am waiting for Santa now. Family is what makes Christmas and I'm sure we will enjoy the next few days to the fullest......


  1. Enjoy your family for the next few days. The children will keep you busy!!

  2. Hope you survived the company Anne, my Christmas has been fairly quiet we have not had the kids for several days. It is imazing the different litle children have they really do make Christmas.

  3. Now, that's the type of Christmas I think is the and sharing memories and times together.

    What, Anne, no hooking? I bet you don't want to see any hooking projects for awhile. I guess you got all seven completed?

  4. Corinne, you are so right. Children really DO make Christmas. I felt today that Santa was coming......So very happy they are with me tonight and for a few days......sweet kiddies...

  5. Julie, I am "itching" to get back to hooking and Yes, I did get all seven mats done before Christmas. I will post the pics. in a few days. Right now, it seems we are all centered around Christmas, which is great.I have seven more mats to do in the New Year,two of those being for the Cupids Museum, PLUS I will be doing FIVE for the NLAC {Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council} so needless to say, I will be busy.
    How are you enjoying your holiday? I guess you are back to work by now......