Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Wishing each and everyone of You a Very Happy New Year...

This is a Custom Order Mat I hooked for a relative of Mine who has moved to Saskatchewan from Newfoundland.  She, Tanya, is from Fortune, while her husband was born and raised in Grand Bank.  Tanya's Mom and Dad thought this was a nice gift for them as it is taken from a photograph of the Lighthouse in G. B.  Of course, it is not exactly the same as they already have the Photo....This is my depiction....

Two/ Three More to follow that I did for Customers to use as Christmas gifts...

Have a Great New Years' Eve........

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

I want to wish each and everyone of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year.  I appreciate each of you who have been following me and for those of you who just drop by, that is just fine, too...As you know, I am not a faithful blogger because I do too much hooking plus other chores to be able to be here very much; however, another New Years' Resolution:  To Blog More...:)

I have a number of Mats that I have done and have not shown because Santa was to do the deliveries last night.  As soon as I know the gifts have been opened, I will share with you.

For Now, I wish you all the best...Cherish your Family Members and think of those less fortunate than we are....

Friday, December 7, 2012

Good Morning, All, from Lord's Cove, Newfoundland.  Cool outside today but no snow, which is wonderful.

I decided a while ago that I would like to try my "Hooking" hand at Christmas Ornaments.  The two I chose this year are "Snowmen" and "Mummers".  Mummering is an age old Tradition in different parts of NL., not as much now as was years gone by.  I guess at the time it began there were no televisions or any of the other gadgets and past times that are available today.  At Christmas it was a fun time to "dress up" and go from house to house with musical instruments, accordian/guitar/mouth organ...whatever one was talented with.  It sure made for fun times.

This is what emerged from my desire to try my hand at these "small" items.  Hope you like them.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Profile of Me in My Business Group

cember 5, 2012 · 9:59 am

A Business from the Land

Anne Kirby, Lord's Cove, Burin Pennisula
Anne Kirby in sunny Lord’s Cove showing off her lovely vegetable garden.
Anne was born and continues to live in the out-port fishing community of Lord’s Cove on the Burin Peninsula. For 26 years, she operated a family grocery business with her husband Tom.  Today you’ll find Anne busy at work on their farm and her duties include helping in the vegetable garden, making hay, bottling food, birthing lambs, tending sheep and her favorite thing designing and hooking rugs.  Anne can even be found running down the highway in her slippers with her apron on herding some of the stray sheep! Anne’s business, Anne’s Original Hooked Rugs, started with her love of rug hooking. Her designs come from stories told to her by her mother, from photographs, and from her observation of everyday life around her. Anne incorporates Newfoundland themes into her work and is determined to preserve the traditional way of rug hooking that was passed down to her from her mother-in-law.
Anne busy at work on their farm.
Anne busy at work on their farm.
Operating a business on the Burin Peninsula in a rural community has its challenges!  Marketing and selling her products being the biggest challenge of all.  During the first years, Anne sold her rugs locally and by word of mouth.  Being industrious and adventurous Anne signed up for a Rug Camp on Woody Island and through her contact with an NLOWE Growth Advisor has now expanded  her market to trade shows, an online presence on Facebook, and she even ships her work around the country and beyond.  Even Facebook is a challenge when you are on dial-up! Anne joined a Women in Business Network and finds the mentoring she receives fantastic and is continuing to realize business growth.   The group meets once a month.
Anne can even be found running down the highway in her slippers with her apron on herding some of the stray sheep!
Anne can even be found running down the highway in her slippers with her apron on herding some of the stray sheep!
Setting goals has been very beneficial for Anne, and in 2012 she had her work juried resulting in Anne’s Original Hooked Rugs being recognized as a Crafts of Character producer.  Anne will now be able to consider wholesale. Her work will now be included in the Provincial Craft Wholesale Show and she will be able to participate in the Craft Council Christmas Craft Fair.  Anne’s work is also displayed and sold at the Regional Women in Business Trade show in Grand Bank.
Sheep are a big part of Anne’s life, and though she uses a lot of recycled materials, she also uses 100% sheep wool in her craft.  In 2012, Anne sent all her sheared wool to a mill on the mainland and now has her own label of “Salt Water Sheep’s Wool” which is available for purchase on her Facebook page and at trade shows.  Postage and shipping have an impact on this part of her business being so remotely located.
Anne with her 100% "Salt Water Sheep’s Wool"
Anne with her 100% “Salt Water Sheep’s Wool”
Anne also displays her work in exhibits both locally and nationally and supports her craft with her membership in the Rug Hooking Guild of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia.
Working on a farm in Lord’s Cove, nearly self sufficient, operating a green business, a Crafts of Character Producer with National and International customers, and preserving a traditional Newfoundland craft is quite an accomplishment and truly a business from the land!
PaulaFlood-MOD-DSC_0283Paula Flood is an NLOWE Growth Advisor for the Eastern region and anyone that knows Paula knows she goes above and beyond for her clients.  Anne Kirby is one of her clients.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

St. Pierre

As I said before "I am not a faithful blogger" only because I am really busy with household duties, etc., and with my hooking.  I committed to do too many mats/wall hangings before the Christmas Holidays.

St. Pierre is a small French Island, population of approximately 6000 people, off the Coast of Newfoundland and I am fortunate enough that after a thirty five minute drive, I can get there is fifty five minutes by Ferry.  Two weeks ago, Our " Regional Women In Business" Group were invited to take part in their Christmas Craft Show.  Such an honor!!  To say the least, we were very excited about this and of course, packed our crafts, art work together and off we go.

What a reception!!!  We were treated as royalty...After all, all four (this was as many as could attend at this time) of us were  ascending on a group of artisans that were selling their product for years..."Now how are we going to be received?" was the question in each of our minds....They were All so friendly, no animosity, jealousy, zilch.....

The cameras  from the TV stations were quite busy  with us as were people from the Radio Station, not to forget the interviewers from the Local Newspaper...  Amazing!!

Everyone that we met were very helpful including the Taxis, Bed & Breakfast Owner, Restaurants, etc.,

If ever any of you are interested in visiting another Country and are in Newfoundland, check it out.  There are day excursions as well.  Besides the Ferry, the Capistan, you can catch a plane from the  St. John's Airport.  You won't be sorry. 

Of course, I had to include a picture of a very few of the scrumptuous pastries that are available there.  Yummy!!!

The Group Picture includes, from left to righ: Our Interpretor, Cecilia, Artisan, Melaine( aka Wooly Hooker), Our Co-ordinator, Judy, The gentlemen is the  French  President of the Craft Council in St. Pierre, Sherry of the Thimblebox, Fabric Store, another French Gent who is connected with the Show, Myself and Artisan, Acrylic Painter, Kathy.