Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Facebook Page

Want to let my blogger friends know that if you click on the Facebook tab on top of my page, you will go to a Personal Page I have set up on Facebook for my Mats, only. You will be entered in a draw for a small mat on Dec. 1st...details are there...I will post ANYWHERE in the World..
I have to inform you all who visits this new page of mine that in order for your name to be entered for my little "give away", you will have to click on the "Like" button at the top of the page or under one of my photos in order for your name to be entered. You can then leave a comment if you wish. This is an automatic number/name system that I am not familiar with...Learning as I go...Sorry about that :)

Gift for My Aunt

In August, my Aunt Frances visited with her two daughters, Marie & Stella and a grand-daughter, Michelle, for her 83rd birthday. She was born and spent part of her years here before beginning her new life in N.S. I found this old photo on Facebook of the house where she was born & raised and her Father's horse. I decided to hook a small wall hanging for her.

This is the result..

She remembered the horse's name and needless to say, was very pleased with her little gift...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Work and More WORK!!!!

Finally, Hay-making is over with..I feel that I could compete with any woman wrestler anywhere in the world as I have more muscle build up than I ever thought was possible...not counting the calloused hands, the strained arm and oh yes, the aches and pains......:)

From the hay-making, I delved into the vegetable garden. Today was an exceptionally busy one with blanching. I have a husband who insists on growing enough vegetables to feed an army, literally. Here is a photo of the kale and spinach that is growing.......

Now, do you believe the above statement that I made?

Then there is the cauliflower...well, that is another story... I went to the garden this morning at ten o'clock to gather it to blanch. I was so pleased that I had this amount ready

and of course, cleaned it (that being a major part of the process) and got it all blanched:

and waiting for it to, in the meantime, I want to blanch some of that kale. Off I go to the garden again...only to discover another FIVE heads that I had overlooked in another portion of the garden...Oh Me Nerves!!!! Yes, I DID blanch these, too:

The end result was three bags of kale and SIX large bags of cauliflower. I have already done nine bags of broccoli in between times of hay-making.

I guess I shouldn't complain when there are so many people in the world who are hungry.
I think I have a DH who doesn't like to see me idle...Idle is not a word I can relate to because my rug hooking is not having justice done this time of year. I did stay up until 3:30 this morning to finish one that I have had in the frame for a month. I was determined to finish it off and here it is at 1:00 at night and I am still going...I must be like the Everready battery....just keeps going and going.....:)
Hope my post is not boring....Take care Everyone...