Monday, December 28, 2009


Christmas Eve was a very quiet one for my DH and I, with no company around. We reminisced about Christmas when our two boys, Sandy & Dale, were young and indeed about our own many years before. We enjoyed Christmas Day with my 91 year old mother-in-law, who lives in a Long Term Care Facility. Had a lovely dinner with her and chatted about "Old Times" , which she enjoys immensely. It is the first time in 40 years that I didn't cook a turkey....missed that part.......

HOWEVER, today our company arrives......... Our son and his family , all four of them and am really excited about seeing them, especially the grandchildren {of course} Alena, who is eleven years old and Liam, who is seventeen months old. It is as if I am waiting for Santa now. Family is what makes Christmas and I'm sure we will enjoy the next few days to the fullest......

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tipp's Eve

Well, here I am again....sneaking back after such a long absence. I missed blogging and reading my friends/followers blogs as well. I took too many orders for mats this year and was "bogged down" in hooking, which I did enjoy immensely even though I was terribly rushed.

As my Title says: Tipp's/Tibb's Eve is here. For those of you who are not familiar with this event before Christmas begins, just follow this link and you may find it interesting:The origins of Tibb’s Eve | The Southern Gazette.

This may be difficult for some of you people to understand, but I DO NOT have my tree decorated yet. I bought a pre-lit one two years ago and last year had to take it down a little early or it would have toppled to the floor and stupid enough today to think that it had improved in the box over the year, brought it out of storage and began to put it up when Lo and Behold, down it heavy. So off I trodged with it in box and took out the one that I had bought before which I have to decorate with lights, not a job I am good at; So it is in the corner staring at me as if to say : "are you going to do something with me?????"
Well, now being that it is Tipp's Eve, I am about to try some of my favourite liqueurs that my hubby has made for me and probably I won't know anything about the decorating until tomorrow morning comes and I'll bet you it will be a perfect job.....Wish me luck!!!

Here's wishing Everyone a "Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year". I am so pleased to have everyone check in on my blog over the year from all over the world and that makes it very exciting. Hopefully, this will happen in the New Year, as well.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fourth of the Seventh

I can almost give a sigh of relief because I am doing very well with my mat making. This is the fourth of the seventh that I have to do--- it being When Cod Was King. I Have started on the Fifth one, Outport Fishing Community. Rest assured, my housework is not getting done. Sure wish I had a Genie in a Bottle......

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fruits of Our Labour

This is the last of the pictures of our harvesting for this year. It is impossible to show ALL of the tomatoes as we ate as they ripened but there were a large amount left in the greenhouse and because the weather is so different this year, we decided to pick them and ripen them inside. As a matter of fact, we are still in the process. The turnip/rutabaga grew well too, as you can see.
Thankfully we had a Wonderful crop this year.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day

Why Wear A Poppy

"Please wear a poppy", the lady said

And held one forth, but I shook my head.

Then I stopped and watched as she offered them there,

And her face was old and lined with care;

But beneath the scars the years had made

There remained a smile that refused to fade.

A boy came whistling down the street

Bouncing along on care-free feet

His smile was full of joy and fun,

"Lady", said he, "May I have one?"

When she's pinned it on he turned to say,

"Why do we wear a poppy today?"

The lady smiled in her wistful way

And answered, "This is Remembrance Day,

And the poppy there is the symbol for

The gallant men and women who died in war,

And because they did, you and I are free -

That's why we wear a poppy, you see".

"I had a boy about your size,

With golden hair and big blue eyes,

He loved to play and jump and shout,

Free as a bird he would race about.

As the years went by he learned and grew

And became a man - as you will, too."

:He was fine and strong, with a boyish smile,

But he'd seemed with us such a little while

When war broke out and he went away.

I still remember his face that day

When he smiled at me and said "Good-bye,

I'll soon be back, Mom, so please don't cry".

"But the war went on and he had to stay,

And all I could do was wait and pray.

His letters told of the awful fight,

(I can see it still in my dreams at night),

With the tanks and guns and cruel barbed wire,

And the mines and bullets, the bombs and fire".

"Till at last, the war was won -

And that's why we wear a poppy, son".

The small boy turned as if to go,

Then said "Thanks, lady, I'm glad to know.

That sure did sound like an awful fight,

But your son - did he come back all right?

A tear rolled down each faded cheek;

She shook her head, but didn't speak

I slunk away in a sort of shame,

And if you were me, you'd have done the same;

For our thanks, in giving, is oft delayed,

Though our freedom was bought - and thousands paid.

And so when we see a poppy worn,

Let us reflect on the burden borne

By those who gave their very all

And asked to answer their country's call

That we at home in peace might live.

Then wear a poppy, Remember - and Give!

Lest we forget....

Author Unknown

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Canning Beets

Our crop of beets was as successful as the rest of the veggies this year AND SO yesterday, the entire day went into pickling....Today I am hooking every minute that I can steal away from doing other things, like cleaning my house, for instance. I am half way through the orders so that is not too bad, I guess.

I want to share this picture of the beets because it is worth viewing when completed.....
The recipe is available if anyone would like it....

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another One

Have not had much time to check my blog lately because as you can see I am up to my ears in hooking..... The third of seven mats is completed and here it is..... I added the gent playing the mouth organ because I always loved when people played this instrument at Christmas time when I was a child and into my later years ,when we partied, one or two of the guys would do this as well. This is the first time I have added "him" and this one is for my sister-in-law and because we did some of this mummering/jennying when we were younger, I am sure she will appreciate it. I have the fourth in the frame now "When Cod Was King" also for the same sister-in-law who lives in Saskatchewan and will need them very soon when she arrives for a visit. So offffff to hoooooking!!! Have a great weekend, everyone....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Mat

Finally getting around to posting a picture of my latest project....."Mummers Mat----Outside Scene".
You may notice that one of the windows of the middle house has a tree in it. When I took the picture, I didn't notice that I had left the trimmings off. Since then I have fixed it but don't have time to do another picture right now... I'm sure you will get the "gist". I am including a close-up picture as well....On to another one.....

Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Attempt

I had said that I would post a picture of my finished mat; instead, I have decided to share this photo of my First Attempt at Painting with Acrylics and have to say I enjoyed working on this immensely. My sisters-in-law and I had lots of laughs but I also learned a little about painting which is something I have wanted to do for years but never felt that I would be able to turn out anything that would be recognizable. However, I am proud of my accomplishment and maybe will do other paintings during some down time......I wonder when that will be??????

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Still Harvesting

Well, I have been SO busy over the past number of days that I just could not get to my blog. These pictures will give you an idea as to WHY I have not had much of that precious tool.

In between everything else, I did complete my mat and have another piece of burlap sewn and ready to draw my pattern being another Mummers Mat but an INSIDE Scene.

I will post the finished product tomorrow, if all goes well...Have company around again..Family members... Tonight, the four of us are planning a get together to learn how to paint, something I have always wanted to try my hand at. After tonight I may not want to see a tube of paint again. We'll see.... :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hook, Hook, Hook

I have spent the last two days hooking my heart out every chance I get. Yesterday we dug the last of the potato crop which amounted to 40 sacks {about 50 lb. bags EACH } Sweat, Sweat. Happy that part is done. Now on to carrots & turnip just as soon as the weather is suitable. Love the rain though... That means I can stay in and Hook..... :) I have to roll the mat once more for a small part that is left. I have 6 more to do before Christmas. Not too sure if I should have made the commitment!!!I will be more careful next time around.....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Mat

Have gotten around to beginning another mat, this one being a "Mummers Outside Scene". I enjoy hooking this particular one because of the bright colors. As Anne-Marie Littenberg said in her "Hooked Rug-Landscapes" book...."Color has an emotional influences how we feel even if we are unconscious of its effect". This statement is so true...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Turkies and Mona

Yesterday, Sunday, being a nice sunny day {for part of the day anyways}, the Turkies decided to take a long stroll from the barn to the top of the hill to see what life is all about for us in this part of the territory. In one of those pictures it seems that Mona, our guard dog, is kinda shy about their coming up and wondering if they are allowed. In the other, she is trying to get them back to their own abode. However, they were determined to stick around for a while so I had to go out and make sure they went on their merry way. They are so quiet and such beautiful birds. Very gentle....

Friday, October 16, 2009

Publication of my Mat/Story

I had a pleasant surprise today when I picked up my issue of the "ATHA Newsletter" of which I am a member {ATHA meaning "Association of Traditional Hooking Artists"} and discovered that the story and picture of one of my mats that I had submitted some time back was chosen for publication. Needless to say, I am very pleased and want to share the page with you.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here are two completely different photos for you. One of the promised completed mat named "Resettlement in Newfoundland" and one of today's labour.....Our first Potato Harvest. Yesterday was also a fairly busy day with making "English Bread & Butter Pickles" with the last of the cucumbers.......thought they would never stop growing..... also, 32 bottles of clams. Needless to say, I don't get much time for mat hooking, but after the meal this evening I WILL have a "spell" at the next one which is "Mummering" Outside Scene. I will post as I make some progress.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Busy day again today. I wanted to share this picture of our day's work which began at 8:30 this morning.... eight hours later this is what was accomplished. No small feat.... My DH and I have a VERY good friend who is always around when we need some help and we are forever trying to do something to repay him in some small way. He was fortunate enough to have a moose license this year and "Got His Moose BY" { A Newfoundland saying for those who are wondering } . He needed some of it canned and so with US having the canning tools was happy to do this for him.....I'm sure we will get a small taste of it..... :) 50 bottles was the outcome......

I am expecting my son, his wife and their two schnoodle dogs later this evening so I will be busy over the next few days....gladly; however, if I complete my mat I will post a picture of it. It is just about finished......

Hope everyone who is celebrating "Thanksgiving" this weekend, has a Good One...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


WOW!!! Just couldn't resist sharing these photos of our green peppers with you. This is the first time growing these in our new greenhouse and what a success it has been. Still more there that are not quite ready yet... Not sure if the weird looking one is safe to eat or not....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Moving Along

A photo of the progress of my latest mat "Resettlement in Newfoundland" which occurred in the early 1960's when Government moved people from the small islands in Newfoundland to the main parts of the Mainland so that people could better themselves. This is questioned yet today.

I usually make changes as I go along, as I have done so far on this one..... I LOVE using bright colors as it brightens my day and hopefully the buyers as well.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Other part of our family

As promised yesterday, here are the photos of our two cats....Smokey & Goldie....not too difficult to figure out which is which. Spedo, our six year old is the Gold & White Shih Tzu while Mocha, the two year old is Beigey color with the Black face.....

Tomorrow I will post a progress picture of my mat...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Part of my Family

I would like to introduce you to my two most faithful and trusted friends.... Spedo who is six years old and Mocha who is two years old. I am talking about my ShihTzus. In my opinion, they are the most lovable, loyal, kind, patient little critters on the face of the earth. Wherever I go, they do as well no matter if the trip/walk is short or long. If any of you are planning to have a dog and have children, this is the ideal pet. In tomorrow's post I will show you how much they like their friends, our two cats..

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Day of Hooking.....

Happy times are here again.....Spent this rainy day hooking my mat, an order of one of two, for an Aunt in N.S. The other is a Mummers Outside Scene, which I will get to as soon as this one is finished. I will have to stop and harvest some of the vegetables before long.... Just as soon as the rain decides to cease. Also, the cucumbers are refusing to stop growing this year which means I have to make more pickles very soon as well..... So much for an abundance of food, of which I am very thankful....
Here is a picture of my mat thus far......

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Enjoyable Break

I have had a wonderful break from my regular routine, except for my rug hooking....
A number of my family members were visiting and every day of the nearly two weeks were filled as much as could possibly be. Each day we allotted out what we were to do with the little time we had, such as shopping, walking, visiting places in our little community that we hadn't in years and reminisced about our childhood, exchanged recipes, made great lunches and dinners {at my hips expense}, dyed each others hair, chatted, chatted, chatted late into the night. All things that were good for all of us.
So now, it is back to the "grind" with harvesting the vegetables, more canning and of course, the most pleasurable project of all, MY RUG HOOKING. I began a mat a while back but have just one little house finished yet. Gotta get to it!!!

This little picture depicts how I feel at this time..... :) :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Preparing for Winter

Yesterday was such a Beautiful, Sunny day that I was outside for the better portion of it. My DH and I are preparing for the winter by cutting and packing wood in our shelters for when the snow falls and we can sit inside and enjoy the heat from our wonderful wood furnace and I can hook to my heart's content. The turkies enjoy our company and are not shy with following us wherever we go. Our two Maramma sheep guard dogs, Alexis and Mona, are always on the Hill close to our house overlooking the expanse of land we have and making sure everything is ok below. { Alexis is to the left of the photo next to a green bush}.
Today our weather is not that great. Torrential rains....good day to hook if I didn't have to clean my house for expected company tomorrow.....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hope you will try and like this recipe. We sure did......


4 LBS. Cooked Beets
4 LGE. Onions
3 LGE.Green Peppers
1 TBSP. Whole Cloves
1 1/2 cups Sugar
1 1/2 cups Vinegar

Grind beets, onions and green peppers. Tie cloves in bag. In large kettle combine vegetables, clove bag, sugar and vinegar. Add 1/2 cup water and 1 tablespoon salt. Bring to boil. Reduce heat. Cover. Simmer 20 minutes. Stir occasionally. Remove clove bag--put into HOT jars. Process in hot water bath 15 minutes.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We Dare Say " BUSY" !!!!

As promised, here is an example of a "BUSY" day in my Mother's time:

She arose before the children and made sure the fire was lit in the kitchen stove with the wood she had helped to gather and pack into a "Wood Box" in the porch, went off to the barn to milk a number of cows and feed the other animals before returning and preparing breakfast which consisted of bread toasted /porridge made on the top of the iron stove . Bread had to be made and of course, the fire had to stay lit in the sweltering heat of Summer time. Laundry was done each day using a Wash Tub & Wash Board, using lye soap that she had made previously, and which was ironed later by using a flat iron that was heated on top of the stove. After making a lunch, off to the" meadow " to make hay for the animals for the winter. Back to make dinner meal. At night, clothes were made by using a hand operated sewing machine and socks had to be knit for everyone in the family. Berries had to be picked and preserved for winter months in between when possibly bread/laundry was delayed for another day. Now remember, that some of the milk she had gotten from the cows had to be made into butter and this task consisted of churning and separating the milk using two different machines , one of which had umpteen parts that had to be washed each time she used it. ALSO, she helped with planting a garden and in the Fall of the year, harvesting it all. Then there was fish to be dried for sale and some for food for the long winter months.
You may wonder, where is the man of the house: Off to work away from home---in the lumberwoods, working in the Flourspar Mine, fishing........ The children who were big enough to help were put to the task.

Now think of your day from beginning to end......... And my MOM lived to be 91 years of age.....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Canning Day

The vegetable garden is keeping me quite busy still. Today I made 13 bottles of "Beet Relish", it being the first attempt at those. { If anyone would like the recipe, just let me know} I forgot to take a picture of the 16 large bottles of "Pickeled Beets" that I preserved two days ago. Also today, I finished designing my rug and put it in the frame, now to get to it.... The wood is ready to be cut up and stored away for the winter months. From now until late October/early November, it will be a very busy time for me.

After reading this for errors, I realized my days may be busy but come back tomorrow and I will tell you what a busy day was like in my Mother's day........

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I just want to post these pictures to show you the wonderful shapes vegetables can be. In gathering fresh vegetables from the garden for dinner today, these are a few of the potatoes we different and cute!!! MMMMM.....

Saturday, September 12, 2009


What a tizzy I was in yesterday!!!!! I learned about the entries for the Provincial Art Bank just two days before the deadline, which was yesterday, the 11th. I thought all I had to do was to fill out a form as I had done before for other exhibits. Nothing to it!!! Boy, was I surprised!! In reading the material for entry I learned that a "CV" was required---what the heck is that? Off I go to "Google" and discovered it meant "Resume". Now I had never done a resume before. I was my own employer and the people who worked with me were those that I knew. Well, my nerves were unstrung for sure. In searching for samples of a CV/Resume, I found most of it didn't apply to me as I wasn't looking for a job, I wanted to sell a piece of Art. After a couple of hours, I decided to get in touch with my son, Dale, who I knew was quite busy because of his duties as Professor at MUN University. Lo and behold I caught him a time when he wasn't too busy and he asked me to do a write up for him and he would send it back as a Resume. It arrived about an hour later and Boy, was I proud. I could'nt believe all the "stuff" was about me when indeed it was. Later when I talked to him about it, I told him I felt like I had a million dollars in my hand as I headed off to post my project. Maybe, just maybe I will get an acceptance because of how wonderful my CV looks..... :) :) Thank God for children...Thanks Dale xx

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Art Bank of NL.

I am not sure how many of you know about the Provincial Art Bank, whereby individual artists present their different forms of Art for purchase by the Provincial Government to be displayed in different Offices throughout the Province. I have made an attempt at being one of those lucky artists. I have one of my mats namely, 'When Cod Was King", sent to be juried by a committee of five people for purchase. I think I am becoming really brave with my mat hooking....:) Please wish me luck with this project.. I,again, am posting a picture of the famous mat...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In Defense of the T-shirt...:) :)

I am posting two photos of t-shirt material that I just cut to show the difference in when it is cut and when it is ready to hook. I do not use a cutting machine; ALL my materials are cut using scissors, thus various widths are achieved. In cutting a t-shirt, if you cut the hem off completely and then cut from the bottom to the top, you can get a nice length depending on the size of the shirt, of course and you can cut whatever size you desire. I use different widths so as to get any number of different effects, dimensions, whatever. When I use it to outline something, such as a house, I use a very small cut. Works fine for me... In my pic. here, the tie dye material is t-shirt that I bought on e-bay. I love it in sky and water. I have green that I used in the ground of some of my mats. I bought other colors but haven't used them yet. Sometime I hope to do a sunrise/sunset and will use some of it there.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Absolutely Beautiful Weekend

The "Fall" chill is in the air but that doesn't matter when Family members are around. We had a spectacular weekend filled with fun, a lot of it because of the Grandchildren. They do make one smile, don't they? When my children were very young, I was so busy with working day and night that time passed by so quickly that I had forgotten some of the things they did but having grandchildren around makes all of those stored memories come back to life. It was a joy to watch them as we gathered vegetables from the garden for our Sunday meal. Of course, we encouraged them to help, especially our fourteen month old grandson, Liam... He was quite amazed by everything around, such as the baby chickens we have just bought, the turkies, a little scared of the hens and rooster, was charmed by the sheep and lambs and wasn't scared of the sheep guard dogs as they sniffed at his little being.... He enjoyed visiting the greenhouse and being able to touch the tomatoes and cucumbers... But Alas, time goes by swiftly when having fun and the time came to go back home again. Then it is back to looking at pictures and smiling at each of them and contenting ourselves to do our Fall chores until they return for another visit. Here are two pictures of them.....Alena and Liam

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mixture of Materials

I have often wondered what rug hookers were talking about when they said they used different materials such as wire, twine, plastic bags, saran wrap, leather cording, etc. Well, here is a prime example of that. It is a picture of a finished product by Toni Jette on "The Welcome Mat". I have to say she has lots of patience to accomplish this, for sure. Do many of you use this method?
If you enlarge this photo, you will get a better idea of how it really looks...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One Great Day

Today was a very busy one, to say the least. We are into haymaking and for in between times, I decided to pick some wild raspberries that grow on our land. It was such a beautiful, sunny day with just enough wind blowing to keep the flies away. As I picked, I thought of the beauty around me. The sheep were making their calls for lambs that had wandered a little from their sight, the hens did their clucking as they picked away at the grass, the sea was making those soft sounds as it brushed up against the rocks, chickadees made their presence known. Then there is Mona, one of our Maramma sheep guard dogs coming around every now and again to make sure I was ok. What more comfort and beauty can you find than that? Then there is the drought in Africa and when you see that on TV, it makes you realize just how blessed we are.....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The days go by so it because of age?? I remember it being said years ago when I wasn't paying attention to "Age" that" the older you get the faster time goes". Now I know what was meant by that phrase .....HOWEVER, my mat is completed and I have a close up of the portion that is t-shirt materials... All of the woman's dress....the green, white, black for trim. The face and arm is done with 100% wool that is cut real fine that I bought from Deanne Fitzpatrick. It may be boring to look at the same design that I am using but each is "Original" because one could never use the same stitches or cut the materials the same width when cutting by hand and then I use different colors, of course. I have another design in my mind for this particular scene as well as "umpteen" others. Hope I can live long enough to get them all on mats and can hook one for myself...... :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Close Ups

Well, well, I guess Danny thought he would outdo his cousin, Bill, with the heavy rain and high winds. I guess we criticized Bill too much because he was so mild, so Danny decided to sneak in without too much hoopla...:) and Da,da,loads of the wet stuff....

I said yesterday I would post a couple close up pictures of different sections of my mat to show the materials that I use. I didn't have much luck because each pic. I took was very light and justice is not done to the area that I am trying to get. So I decided I would post two for now and probably later today will see if I can get another couple. Here goes!!!

The speckled grey is 100% wool, the other greys are sweatshirt. As you can see, a small amount of white is showing because the back of the sweatshirt is white and when you cut the end, a small amount will show but that is ok, at least for me. I oftentimes turn the material so that I get a diffetent color/effect from whatever I am using at the time.
The Blue is fleecey material {100%polyester} with a completely different material in between {look closely, the darker blue} and the Pale blue separating the green is t-shirt. Again, the other greens are just a combination of whatever bits of shirts, pants, housecoats, whatever, I have already cut up for other projects.

As you see, I am not Great at explaining. It wasn't a gift I received. Hope this helps, though

.OOps!!, just realized I don't have a picture of the finished rug here yet and so you can't see what I am talking about with regards to the "GREENS". I will post the full mat tomorrow as I have it finished now. Just the sewing of the labels, blocking, etc. to be done now....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Third Attempt

Showing the progress of my Third attempt at "Women Spreading Fish To Dry in Outport Newfoundland". This is an order that I received last month after the First one of those that I did, sold at the "AME"[Annual Members Exhibit"]at Devon House.

I have used fleece, sweat shirt, t-shirt, 100% wool, specialty wool and some yarn {for hair} so far in this mat. I am ready to roll this in order to complete the last12" x 24" piece that is left. After that, on to others that I would like to enter into other Exhibits and to complete some orders that I received in the Spring... Busy times.....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I am very pleased to say that one of my mats "Women Spreading Fish to Dry in Outport Newfoundland" was chosen by The Craft Council of NL.'s committee for the Cabot 400 Exhibition at Devon House which will take place on Sunday, August 30th. I am posting the picture of it once again because I am very proud of it. This one seems to be a popular one as I am hooking one of the same scene for an order I received last month. Coming along slowly but surely.:) This is the little write-up I did on this mat for the Cabot 400 Committee that will be viewing and possibly buying it for the new Museum that will be built in Cupids, NL. in 2010 this coming Sunday:

"The inspiration for this mat came from stories told by my mother.
The men would bring in the fish---split, wash and salt it and then
leave it to the women to dry for sale in the Fall of the year. Some
was kept for themselves for food for the winter months. My mother
told the story many times of being pregnant and on the beach spreading
the fish when labour pains came. She worked until the pain caused her
to fall on the beach and friends had to take her home---walking a fair
distance and uphill to our house where a midwife was waiting for her
to give birth.

I have hooked ten or more different Nfld. Scenes, each coming from
memories, stories or my love for NFLD. I like to tell stories with
each mat that I hook; therefore, each is an "Original". All my mats,
with the exception of two that were custom made, are done in a
Newfoundland Theme. Some of my work can be viewed at:

If anyone of you are interested here is a link to the information about the "Cupids 400 Celebration

Monday, August 24, 2009

After Hurricane Bill

Hurricane Bill was kinder than expected although he thrashed my flowers [especially lilies] so much that the yard is filled with different colors of petals today. I have to say I was terrified because of all the hype in the media and from our adjoining communities. I looked this morning to make sure my fingerprints weren't in the bottom of the chair I was sitting on. I couldn't relax to hook and the tv was constantly going off because of the oncoming rain. By 1:30 everything was as calm as in the morning before. We have had more wind and rain without any warnings. It reminded me of waiting for a loved one to pass away. Well, Bill did the same thing. It may seem that I am not thankful; surely I am but I could have done without all the terror...
Here is a photo of the wild water around the rocks today. That was the worst of it I think; the surge in the waters....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hurricane Bill

Well, would you know----Hurricane Bill finally arrived spewing his venom on my beautiful flowers that were so very precious. So pleased I rescued a few of my lilies for a table decoration. In the morning, I am sure there will be none left to salvage as the winds are sooooo high.

Spent some time at my hooking today but didn't get as much done as intended. I feel I won't accomplish much tonight because I am expecting the power to go any minute.