Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In Defense of the T-shirt...:) :)

I am posting two photos of t-shirt material that I just cut to show the difference in when it is cut and when it is ready to hook. I do not use a cutting machine; ALL my materials are cut using scissors, thus various widths are achieved. In cutting a t-shirt, if you cut the hem off completely and then cut from the bottom to the top, you can get a nice length depending on the size of the shirt, of course and you can cut whatever size you desire. I use different widths so as to get any number of different effects, dimensions, whatever. When I use it to outline something, such as a house, I use a very small cut. Works fine for me... In my pic. here, the tie dye material is t-shirt that I bought on e-bay. I love it in sky and water. I have green that I used in the ground of some of my mats. I bought other colors but haven't used them yet. Sometime I hope to do a sunrise/sunset and will use some of it there.


  1. Hi Anne
    Yes, I will be posting once I reach my mom's place. I hope you don't mind but I posted your tee shirt instructions on April's blog. You will see or have seen the interest in tee shirts and sweatshirts by our fellow hookers in the US. Your strips look so even, how do you keep them the same size with scissors? What kind of scissors are you using?

    Don't be talking about age! My mother says it only gets worse...

  2. Happy to know we will hear from you while away; I like hearing from you. No, I don't mind your mentioning my info. on t-shirts;as a matter of fact, I read April's little bit she had on it. She seemed pretty frustrated....:)
    I don't know what to tell you about keeping the strips even. After cutting so much, I guess it just comes naturally. I use "Gingher" scissors right now and they are divine. I found them on e-bay after reading about different scissors on "The Welcome Mat". Before that I used ones that I bought at WalMart.
    My Gosh, if I get any worse with Age, I won't be fit to live with....LOL!!!