Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The days go by so quickly......is it because of age?? I remember it being said years ago when I wasn't paying attention to "Age" that" the older you get the faster time goes". Now I know what was meant by that phrase .....HOWEVER, my mat is completed and I have a close up of the portion that is t-shirt materials... All of the woman's dress....the green, white, black for trim. The face and arm is done with 100% wool that is cut real fine that I bought from Deanne Fitzpatrick. It may be boring to look at the same design that I am using but each is "Original" because one could never use the same stitches or cut the materials the same width when cutting by hand and then I use different colors, of course. I have another design in my mind for this particular scene as well as "umpteen" others. Hope I can live long enough to get them all on mats and can hook one for myself...... :)

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  1. Hi Anne

    I made your marinated carrots and B & B pickles on the weekend. Delicious!! Your mat is gorgeous and you seem to really bring out the simplicity of outport life!