Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Absolutely Beautiful Weekend

The "Fall" chill is in the air but that doesn't matter when Family members are around. We had a spectacular weekend filled with fun, a lot of it because of the Grandchildren. They do make one smile, don't they? When my children were very young, I was so busy with working day and night that time passed by so quickly that I had forgotten some of the things they did but having grandchildren around makes all of those stored memories come back to life. It was a joy to watch them as we gathered vegetables from the garden for our Sunday meal. Of course, we encouraged them to help, especially our fourteen month old grandson, Liam... He was quite amazed by everything around, such as the baby chickens we have just bought, the turkies, a little scared of the hens and rooster, was charmed by the sheep and lambs and wasn't scared of the sheep guard dogs as they sniffed at his little being.... He enjoyed visiting the greenhouse and being able to touch the tomatoes and cucumbers... But Alas, time goes by swiftly when having fun and the time came to go back home again. Then it is back to looking at pictures and smiling at each of them and contenting ourselves to do our Fall chores until they return for another visit. Here are two pictures of them.....Alena and Liam

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