Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We Dare Say " BUSY" !!!!

As promised, here is an example of a "BUSY" day in my Mother's time:

She arose before the children and made sure the fire was lit in the kitchen stove with the wood she had helped to gather and pack into a "Wood Box" in the porch, went off to the barn to milk a number of cows and feed the other animals before returning and preparing breakfast which consisted of bread toasted /porridge made on the top of the iron stove . Bread had to be made and of course, the fire had to stay lit in the sweltering heat of Summer time. Laundry was done each day using a Wash Tub & Wash Board, using lye soap that she had made previously, and which was ironed later by using a flat iron that was heated on top of the stove. After making a lunch, off to the" meadow " to make hay for the animals for the winter. Back to make dinner meal. At night, clothes were made by using a hand operated sewing machine and socks had to be knit for everyone in the family. Berries had to be picked and preserved for winter months in between when possibly bread/laundry was delayed for another day. Now remember, that some of the milk she had gotten from the cows had to be made into butter and this task consisted of churning and separating the milk using two different machines , one of which had umpteen parts that had to be washed each time she used it. ALSO, she helped with planting a garden and in the Fall of the year, harvesting it all. Then there was fish to be dried for sale and some for food for the long winter months.
You may wonder, where is the man of the house: Off to work away from home---in the lumberwoods, working in the Flourspar Mine, fishing........ The children who were big enough to help were put to the task.

Now think of your day from beginning to end......... And my MOM lived to be 91 years of age.....

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