Monday, April 12, 2010


Well, I decided to paint my ceilings some time ago and after seeing the paint sit there for three weeks I thought "I may as well "tackle" this job, which I hate because I am not a good painter...I remember those words from my DH as I load my paint roller....."make sure you have lots of paint on the roller" ...I take his word for it and Lo and Behold, when I raise the roller to the ceiling, I get splattered with the darned stuff...If I had known that, I would not have spent a bunch of money on having my hair hilited on Thursday...I could have saved myself the money and effort of going to a hairdresser and would have had a hair style that anyone would love to have....Besides the mess, my poor body is aching all over as if I were run over by a tractor and to think I have three more ceilings to go...
Surely no time for my favorite past time "hooking".

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Weekend as much as my husband & I....there is nothing more important than having Family around, especially at this very important time of the year for us which is " Lambing Season"... We had a "bumper" crop this year with all twins, triplets and one quadruplet....all have finished lambing and for 16 sheep, we have a total of 33 surviving babies... two hundred percent isn't too bad, which is wonderful...We are blessed this year. After last year's bad crop, we did not know what to expect....I want to share a few pictures with you of our Grandchildren, Liam & Alena, who adore the animals, although in the third picture I think Liam was thinking the lamb was going to charge at him....:)

The second is Liam playing in the hay stall...he sure enjoyed it and it was a joy to watch him...can't say how the sheep felt about it though..

The first is our grand daughter, Alena, feeding an orphan lamb. We had him stationed in the Garage in our hay cart for a few days; however, he is gone to the barn with the rest of his family now...