Monday, April 12, 2010


Well, I decided to paint my ceilings some time ago and after seeing the paint sit there for three weeks I thought "I may as well "tackle" this job, which I hate because I am not a good painter...I remember those words from my DH as I load my paint roller....."make sure you have lots of paint on the roller" ...I take his word for it and Lo and Behold, when I raise the roller to the ceiling, I get splattered with the darned stuff...If I had known that, I would not have spent a bunch of money on having my hair hilited on Thursday...I could have saved myself the money and effort of going to a hairdresser and would have had a hair style that anyone would love to have....Besides the mess, my poor body is aching all over as if I were run over by a tractor and to think I have three more ceilings to go...
Surely no time for my favorite past time "hooking".


  1. Oh Anne, I don't mean to giggle but I can just see the expression on your face when the roller started to spatter!!! This may solve the question as to why painters always wear hats!
    But once your muscles recover and you look up and see how fresh and clean your ceilings look, you will be happy again! Soak in a nice big bubble bath.

  2. Oh Anne,
    I was in the middle of making hubby's lunch before heading out to the barn. And I always play the music on my blog in the morning ... and noticed your comment. I just had to come on over to your bolg and see the photos of the new lambs! You did well this year. I have had 14, 2 died( inexperenced ewe)and still have 4 ewes left to lamb. (my ram must have taken a break ...LoL!
    So HAPPY to meet someone else who has Cheviots! I just love them so much ...
    I also am teaching myself how to rug hook (when I get the time) I'm afraid I am not very good at it, and in KY. there is no where to learn it (at least close by)
    I have already sold several lambs ( bottle babies) and am in the process of trying to find my shearer.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog ... I am still debating it (to blog or not to blog)... But check back every now and then to see. As I will add you to my sidebar as a fav.

  3. Good idea, Kim...wear a darned hat...I have to start again today and I am sore as a "boil" but like you said...I have nice bright ceilings now....

  4. Hi Teri,
    So nice to hear from you...I meant to say that we have had North Country Cheviot sheep;however, they are dwindled down to more of a "local" husband is real good with animals and takes great pride in his work.
    We lost only three this year...Last year, the first ten were still having five, which is way too much... We have two on a bottle right now and hopefully, that will turn into one, which will be fed until they go to pasture...which is on our own umpteen acres of land..the little lambs are so sweet, aren't they?
    So you sell the baby lambs? haven't heard of that before as we raise ours until Fall and then sell them as lamb and people give us "rave" reviews on the meat...
    I am rug hooking and love to do it but I have not done a lot this year but have orders that I need to get at...As soon as my painting is done, then the vegetable gardens need to go in and on and on from there...
    Retirement is wonderul; however, I think I work more hours in a day stometimes now than I ever did when I had a full time job.
    BTW, do you have guard dogs for you sheep. We have two beautiful Marammes {Alexis and Mona} and are they ever faithful to the sheep..One is quite old and didn't know if she would pull through the winter but with lots of love she has come through..
    Hope to hear from you again and I will check in on your blog from time to time....