Thursday, October 28, 2010

Carrots, Anyone???

We have a "bumper" crop of everything this year and carrots is no exception. We pulled them yesterday because of a fear of frost and lo and behold, ended up with 18 trays of those lovely looking veggies. Must be the wonderful Newfoundland weather we have plus the composted kelp and of course, the hard work and green thumb of my husband, Tom...notice I didn't include myself in the "green thumb"...

We also pulled the beets and guess what? We are pickling beets today. There is just no end in sight. I'll never get at my hooking...... grrrr!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Paintings

Last week my two sisters-in-law visited for a few days and at night time, we got together for a painting lesson from either of the two...they are quite good at painting. I am the beginner. I would love to have more time to pursue this second desire of mine....acrylic painting; however, this doesn't seem to be case because there is just "no spare time". However, I thought I would share what I did. I know there is room for improvement and I hope to be able to see to it one day....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Here He Is...

Ok, as promised, here is our new Texel Ram Lambe that we purchased a few days ago. Also, I am including a picture of our own, "Rambo", that was raised on a bottle and thought he had succumbed twice. He is a hearty little guy....and I think, better looking...Ya, I may be a bit prejudiced....:)

The Texel looks and sounds like a "Pig"...sorry newcomer... :) His previous owner did not have him sheared this year and of course, we will have to leave him "as is" because winter is coming on and it will be too cold for him without his fleecey coat. He survived the heat of the summer so he should be over the worst now.. poor little guy.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Is Everyone As Busy As I Am???

I can't seem to find the time to hook lately. It is just constant work from one end of the day to the other and one week to the other. I had more free time when I worked at my full-time job. Guess I (WE) are after taking on many more projects these past few years. Not to say anything negative about my chores, because I love what I do BUT, I CAN'T GET AT MY HOOKING!!!!!!!

Yesterday I made Marinated Carrots while Hubby was away buying a Texel Ram Lamb. This is a new breed for us and have to say he is an ugly little guy. I will post a picture tomorrow. Don't know how happy our lovely looking sheep will be when they see him.......:) :) and they have to get intimate with him...LOL!!!!

Here are two of my marinated carrots, the other a result of our gardening. Not every carrot is the same size, but we do have a lot of those huge ones....I weighed one and it was 2.86lbs. Wow!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Excellent Weekend

Wow, again, what a wonderful weekend at the "Grand Bank Trade Show". Everyone's booths were superb and people had so many things to offer from French Jewelery, Decorating with Candy, Chocolate made in St. John's, NL., Bird Houses, etc., made from Driftwood, Baked Goods, ETC., and of course, Yours Truly with her "Anne's Original Hooked Mats"

Also, my good friend, Christina, with her display of wonderful, beautiful Hand Made Quilts.

I have only the finest words to say about our NLOWE's own, Paula Flood, who was at the fair, as well. She is one of the most courteous, industrious, sociable, friendly people that I have had the honor of meeting. I am so happy I met her at our "Rug Hooking Retreat" two weeks ago. Of course, Christina & I had to have a photo taken with her....

I could not sign off without complimenting the workers with the "Regional Women in Business Organization" in Grand Bank. I do not remember all of their names, Sorry girls, but to Judy Peach and Mrs. Douglas, who took care of mine and Christina's booths for us to have a FREE lunch, offered and Prepared by the Local Lions Club of Grand Bank, I have the greatest respect. Those ladies are very hard working and devoted to their jobs. They made us feel very welcome and special and were so interested in our work.

Although I sold just one mat, I was very excited about that and I was just as pleased over the exposure and the wonderful comments from the public. That in itself means a lot. Today I am still on a "high". I loved each and every minute of it and will, God willing, attend again another year.

Friday, October 8, 2010

True Signs of Autumn

Autumn is my favourite time of year with the color changes, etc. I also like it because as Paula says on her blog:,

she is liking the idea of winter's arrival because she can get a little more hooking done. By the time I get through all the harvesting, canning, pickling, etc., winter will be at my doorstep. I am trying to hook a little this morning (up with the rooster's crow) but every now and again I look around and think "Please don't let anyone enter my door this morning until I get some of my houswork done". Things do be really unruly in my house while I am hooking....but what the heck, there is no pleasure in housework like it is in hooking. Do you hookers agree??? :) :)

Posting two of my favourite Autumn pictures, spuds and salt fish......

Have a great Thanksgiving Weekend, those of you who are celebrating this week.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


"SURPRISE" You say, what is this lady doing here? This is what I look like this evening after helping to harvest fifteen sacks of spuds today. (about a third of our total potato garden).

There are some wonderful & helpful people in our midst as I discovered while on our "Rug Hooking Retreat" on the weekend in the name of PAULA FLOOD, our organizer. Paula is employed with what is called "NLOWE" (Newfoundland & Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs). Honestly, I hadn't heard of it. While conversing on the deck of the boat enroute to our individual hometowns, Paula brought this to my attention and informed me that on the weekend of October 15/16, there is to be a "Trade Show & Holiday Fair" less than an hours drive from where I live and if I was interested, she would find out if there was a booth available. Sure enough, on Monday, I received a call (and since then, more calls and e-mails from her on this) A booth was available. Now this gives me an opportunity to display my Four Hooked Rugs that I have on hand plus a display of photos of my former works. I am soooo excited and yes, have to say "SURPRISED" that someone who had just gotten to know me for a few hours, would go through all this trouble to fit me in on this. This provides we women to receive some recognition, not counting the compliments, which are always wonderful to receive. Now a sale would be great, as well.. :) :)

I am not finished yet...I have a Quilter friend, Christina, who does wonderful work and after telling her about my adventure, etc., I knew that she was interested in the Show as well.. so I decided to contact Paula to see if Christina and I could share a booth....NO, Paula arranged somehow to claim a booth for Christina, too.

I can't believe this is happening. I am so excited and yes, a bit anxious, too.
This is the type of dedicated workers we need in our society. Another bonus to all of this is that Paula will be at the Trade Show and will visit with me and my hubby before she returns to her hometown....Now, isn't this a great world we live in?
You are an 'ANGEL', Paula...thanks so much....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Wonderful Weekend"

Well, what a SUPER Weekend at our "Hooking Retreat"!!! I enjoyed each and every minute of it. All the "Hookers" were wonderful and treated me as if they knew me forever...why did I worry so much???? I might have known if a group of us got together, there would not be a dull moment. Our organizer, Paula, did a great job and arrangements have been made for the same time next year. Wild Horses won't keep me away.

I learned to whip stitch and bind, three new techniques, plus sculpturing....I have to admit I will have to practice, but THAT I will. We also got a lesson on "labels, etc."....

The comraderie was great and so was the food and accommodations. We had live entertainement....great music and jokes in between.

I needed this little break. Now it is back to the grind with packing wood for the winter, harvesting the veggies and ooddles of other chores. I will try and sneak a bit of hooking in between (I don't know when that will be).

I have a surprise to announce to you but that will be tomorrow, if I am not tooooo tired after the back-breaking job of digging potatoes....