Sunday, October 24, 2010

Here He Is...

Ok, as promised, here is our new Texel Ram Lambe that we purchased a few days ago. Also, I am including a picture of our own, "Rambo", that was raised on a bottle and thought he had succumbed twice. He is a hearty little guy....and I think, better looking...Ya, I may be a bit prejudiced....:)

The Texel looks and sounds like a "Pig"...sorry newcomer... :) His previous owner did not have him sheared this year and of course, we will have to leave him "as is" because winter is coming on and it will be too cold for him without his fleecey coat. He survived the heat of the summer so he should be over the worst now.. poor little guy.


  1. Whoa, He is a handsome devil!!

  2. Hi Anne,
    To bad that poor sheep had to carry that wool around all summer! But at least he will be warm this winter ... And you guys are going to be worn out shearing him next spring. Rambo is BEAUTIFUL!
    My flock has been seperated for almost 3 weeks now ... So I'm hoping I have another great lamb year next spring.
    Have a great week.

  3. They are certainly dapper looking! I'd love to have one, but - hubby will not agree to any more critters right now!

  4. I love sheep! We used to raise them when I was growing up on the farm.
    What a ball of wool you have there! He'll certainly be warm this winter!
    Cathy G

  5. I think is he cute...but you are correct in saying Rambo is Handsome!! Imagine how many balls of WOOL you will get from "piggie" LOL