Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hello Everyone....well the weather has been playing havoc here in Lord's Cove, NL. and indeed the whole of the Province, I believe.  The temperature has dipped much lower than we were accustomed to in the last number of years...I guess we are all spoiled from the great weather we have had...  I guess, in the long run, that is not too much to be complaining about when so many other people have so many problems...

Today I am sharing a completely different rug hooking item for me....These are first attempt but won't be my last.  They do take a lot of time to complete but I like hooking them.  Some of those puffins and lighthouses will be Christmas Tree Hangers and Broaches...

Hope you enjoy your weekend wherever you are.  Drive safely and be careful.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Small Hooked Items

I am in the process of hooking a few small items; namely, Puffins and Lighthouses...I hope to do different ones as I go along and I can find some time...(where oh where??)

Those that I am making will be Magnets AND  Hangers, probably broaches, too.  When I have some of them completed, I will post ...It is a long process because of the glueing and felt on the backs..

I never thought I would like to do such small projects but I have to honestly say, I do...After this month is over, I have to get on with the larger projects I have on order.

Hope you like those little ones. :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another Christmas Custom Order

Hello to You all...Cold day here in the quaint little community of Lord's Cove, Newfoundland...Temperature dipped the lowest for the Winter last night at minus 8...With the wind chill, I bet it was about minus 20....Nice time to be hooking in the warmth of my home.

I have hooked this , what I have named, " A Fishing Community" many times, but I think I like this one the best of all... I like  the way I designed it and the colors I used...It just speaks volumes to me.... I hope you enjoy it and I do hope the recipient liked it as much as I liked hooking it...

In another day or so, I will post a picture of the project I am onto now..

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gift for a Friend

Good Morning to Everyone...Hope your day will be a great one!!

My good friend of many years, Christina, sure Loves to a matter of fact, she has a Facebook Page called just that and if you have a little/lot of time, you should take a look at her wonderful Quilts.  She bought a new sewing machine eight months ago and would you know, it "quit" on her a few days ago.  Now you might as well have cut her right arm off... She is like a "boat without a paddle" without her machine.  As we hadn't exchanged Christmas gifts, I decided to try and cheer her up by Hooking one for her..  My photography skills have NOT improved, but I will share a picture of the little Treasure...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another Creation

Another Custom Order Mat I hooked to be used as a Christmas Gift for Family.  This mat depicts Four Sisters who are preparing for a Funeral Service in the Morning; two hemming pants, the other two just having tea.  The Guitar, supposedly,  in another Room, signifies the Man who passed away and was a great entertainer.  Of course I named it "The Four Sisters".