Thursday, January 17, 2013

Small Hooked Items

I am in the process of hooking a few small items; namely, Puffins and Lighthouses...I hope to do different ones as I go along and I can find some time...(where oh where??)

Those that I am making will be Magnets AND  Hangers, probably broaches, too.  When I have some of them completed, I will post ...It is a long process because of the glueing and felt on the backs..

I never thought I would like to do such small projects but I have to honestly say, I do...After this month is over, I have to get on with the larger projects I have on order.

Hope you like those little ones. :)


  1. Very nice, your tiny creations - i agree, sometimes it's so nice to work something on a smaller scale! enjoy!!

    1. Thank You...I am enjoying those immensely