Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hello Everyone....well the weather has been playing havoc here in Lord's Cove, NL. and indeed the whole of the Province, I believe.  The temperature has dipped much lower than we were accustomed to in the last number of years...I guess we are all spoiled from the great weather we have had...  I guess, in the long run, that is not too much to be complaining about when so many other people have so many problems...

Today I am sharing a completely different rug hooking item for me....These are first attempt but won't be my last.  They do take a lot of time to complete but I like hooking them.  Some of those puffins and lighthouses will be Christmas Tree Hangers and Broaches...

Hope you enjoy your weekend wherever you are.  Drive safely and be careful.


  1. Those are very cute Anne. I thought about trying some small hooked ornaments this year but it didn't happen.

    1. Thanks, Kim,
      I didn't think I would enjoy doing those small pieces but have to say....I love it...don't know how I am going to get back to doing the bigger ones now.
      It is much like playing "Zuma", when you begin you can't stop..:)
      Have a good day....

  2. Hi Anna, I love your light houses and puffins. Can I get a pattern for them? They are very cute. I want to thank you for signing up to be a follower of my blog. My grandfather was from NL (moved to AB in 1916)and I have visited NL twice so far. Always hope to visit the rock again.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Cathy. I don't have a patter for those...I just draw them freehand...That is why some of them are so different. :)
      Hope you do visit NL again. Very snowy here today.
      TAke care.