Thursday, February 7, 2013

Give Away

Good Snowy Day from Lord's Cove again today....I don't mind it at all...I can hook away and not worry about feeling guilty because I am not outside doing something like walking, for instance...Shame on Me....!!

I am preparing to have  my very First "Give Away" here on my Blog...To those of you who comment on  or Join my page, your name will be entered for the draw.  It will go for a week from the time I post the Prize...Not sure what it will be yet....just give me a day or so until the one on my Facebook Page is straightened away, which will be some time  later today/tonight...I am torturing people today by not giving a specific time...:)

I will be looking forward to this and getting excited as I think about it.

This is in Fairness to those of you who don't "DO" Facebook...:)

Thanks, All and Have a Wonderful, Safe Day.


  1. Hi Anne, It's been cold here too but I haven't been able to pull some hoops for a while. So many other things to keep me away during the day and evening finds me too tired to bother. I'm looking forward to the spring.

    You will soon be busy with lambing and it's good that you can pull lots of hoops now while you can.

    Thanks for a chance to win your give away. Hope that you get some warm weather. Enough of this cold winter.

  2. Hi Anne, we are prepping for snow too. I went to Deanne's at lunch and bought a big piece of burlap so I can hook all through the storm.
    Kim :)

  3. The big storm has arrived here in Ontario and I have just completed round one of shovelling. I'm very excited about your give away, you make such lovely things!

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