Friday, March 15, 2013

My Days are Full

Hope everyone of you are doing well.  I appreciate your stopping by.  I think Spring has sprung here in my hometown; or at least I hope so...Next week will seem like it regardless of the weather as our Lambs will be arriving...THAT is the sure sign of Spring...Agreed????

I have been really busy for the last few days and will be for another two or three with the canning that was started a few days ago.  I didn't realize there was so much food in the deep freezes that was shouting out "Please cook and can me...I will have frost burn in no time"....:)

This is the Cherry and Bakeapple (Cloudberry) Jams that I made and was very successful with it...Tastes Yummy...This is the first time I have made Cherry jam; actually it was berries intended to be used to make Wine but of course, it didn't make it to its intended use, but that is ok.

Then there were Blackberries and Raspberries that were picked by our very own hands....those had to go, too.

Then today was busier than the rest as we (My DH and & ) made this beautiful "Sweet and Sour Beef"...It is a delicious recipe.  If any of you would like it, I will gladly pass it on...It is made using large amounts of beef, etc., as you can see.

The one thing about all of this wonderful food is that there is always plenty to share with friends and family...I will try some day to get a photo of our storage cupboards..:)
Tomorrow it is  Boiled Beans and then  Ground Beef... Sorry for the long post...enjoy your weekend...Happy St. Paddy's Day to those of you who celebrate.!!!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Busy Day

Well, Pardon the Pun, but today has been a very fruitful one for us.  We dug down deep into one of our  freezers and came up with a bunch of fruit to make into jam...This is the time of year when we like to clean out some of the food that we have and can/bottle some of it....Today is a beginning and I hope we can continue until the rest if finished. 

This is a photo of what we did today...We began really early in the morning and took us up to the afternoon...Very enjoyable day, to say the least.  This Jam is made up of what we call Bankberries (Cranberries) that were picked by us, Rhubarb that we grow and applesauce.  Now that makes a very nice jam.

Tomorrow, hopefully, it will be Bakeapple (Cloudberry) Jam Plus Cherry, too.  Will keep you posted on our success...

Have a Wonderful Day!!!!