Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Enjoyable Break

I have had a wonderful break from my regular routine, except for my rug hooking....
A number of my family members were visiting and every day of the nearly two weeks were filled as much as could possibly be. Each day we allotted out what we were to do with the little time we had, such as shopping, walking, visiting places in our little community that we hadn't in years and reminisced about our childhood, exchanged recipes, made great lunches and dinners {at my hips expense}, dyed each others hair, chatted, chatted, chatted late into the night. All things that were good for all of us.
So now, it is back to the "grind" with harvesting the vegetables, more canning and of course, the most pleasurable project of all, MY RUG HOOKING. I began a mat a while back but have just one little house finished yet. Gotta get to it!!!

This little picture depicts how I feel at this time..... :) :)


  1. Well, your photo certainly looks relaxed! Sounds like a wonderful time. We all need more time like that with family and friends. The daily routines can wait!

  2. Hi Anne

    I wondered what you were up to! Just got back and am tired as it was quite a delay with lovely Marine Atlantic. I will have our story on my blog sometime this weekend. I spend an hour or so on my rug and "we" were happy to see each other.

    Off to CB with Mom this morning but will talk to you later.