Friday, September 18, 2009

Preparing for Winter

Yesterday was such a Beautiful, Sunny day that I was outside for the better portion of it. My DH and I are preparing for the winter by cutting and packing wood in our shelters for when the snow falls and we can sit inside and enjoy the heat from our wonderful wood furnace and I can hook to my heart's content. The turkies enjoy our company and are not shy with following us wherever we go. Our two Maramma sheep guard dogs, Alexis and Mona, are always on the Hill close to our house overlooking the expanse of land we have and making sure everything is ok below. { Alexis is to the left of the photo next to a green bush}.
Today our weather is not that great. Torrential rains....good day to hook if I didn't have to clean my house for expected company tomorrow.....


  1. Anne

    So glad we are keeping touch on our blogs. I see you are getting lots of interest and visits from all over. Heading to Toronto for the weekend and some shopping therapy.

    I miss working on "our" icons of NL but a break will make it even more delightful. I made one small change in the design and when I get home, you will see what I have done and hope you approve, dear friend.

  2. Hi Julie, I am delighted we can keep in touch while you are away. I look forward to your blog. Hope you have a good time shopping.

    I'm sure whatever changes you made to the icons will be great. I can't wait until you finish it. It will be a masterpiece....