Sunday, August 30, 2009

Close Ups

Well, well, I guess Danny thought he would outdo his cousin, Bill, with the heavy rain and high winds. I guess we criticized Bill too much because he was so mild, so Danny decided to sneak in without too much hoopla...:) and Da,da,loads of the wet stuff....

I said yesterday I would post a couple close up pictures of different sections of my mat to show the materials that I use. I didn't have much luck because each pic. I took was very light and justice is not done to the area that I am trying to get. So I decided I would post two for now and probably later today will see if I can get another couple. Here goes!!!

The speckled grey is 100% wool, the other greys are sweatshirt. As you can see, a small amount of white is showing because the back of the sweatshirt is white and when you cut the end, a small amount will show but that is ok, at least for me. I oftentimes turn the material so that I get a diffetent color/effect from whatever I am using at the time.
The Blue is fleecey material {100%polyester} with a completely different material in between {look closely, the darker blue} and the Pale blue separating the green is t-shirt. Again, the other greens are just a combination of whatever bits of shirts, pants, housecoats, whatever, I have already cut up for other projects.

As you see, I am not Great at explaining. It wasn't a gift I received. Hope this helps, though

.OOps!!, just realized I don't have a picture of the finished rug here yet and so you can't see what I am talking about with regards to the "GREENS". I will post the full mat tomorrow as I have it finished now. Just the sewing of the labels, blocking, etc. to be done now....


  1. Amazing the effects you get on your mats. Do you cut all your material by hand?

  2. Yes, I do, Julie. I cut in different widths to get different effects. I like using all the different materials that I can find; 100% wool is too thick to my liking. To each his own...... :)