Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I am very pleased to say that one of my mats "Women Spreading Fish to Dry in Outport Newfoundland" was chosen by The Craft Council of NL.'s committee for the Cabot 400 Exhibition at Devon House which will take place on Sunday, August 30th. I am posting the picture of it once again because I am very proud of it. This one seems to be a popular one as I am hooking one of the same scene for an order I received last month. Coming along slowly but surely.:) This is the little write-up I did on this mat for the Cabot 400 Committee that will be viewing and possibly buying it for the new Museum that will be built in Cupids, NL. in 2010 this coming Sunday:

"The inspiration for this mat came from stories told by my mother.
The men would bring in the fish---split, wash and salt it and then
leave it to the women to dry for sale in the Fall of the year. Some
was kept for themselves for food for the winter months. My mother
told the story many times of being pregnant and on the beach spreading
the fish when labour pains came. She worked until the pain caused her
to fall on the beach and friends had to take her home---walking a fair
distance and uphill to our house where a midwife was waiting for her
to give birth.

I have hooked ten or more different Nfld. Scenes, each coming from
memories, stories or my love for NFLD. I like to tell stories with
each mat that I hook; therefore, each is an "Original". All my mats,
with the exception of two that were custom made, are done in a
Newfoundland Theme. Some of my work can be viewed at:

If anyone of you are interested here is a link to the information about the "Cupids 400 Celebration


  1. Anne, Anne, Anne

    I knew it! Congratulations and I am sure that there is more to come!!

  2. Thank you, Julie. If everyone was as free with their complimentary gestures as you are, we would have a much better society to live in...:)