Thursday, August 27, 2009

Third Attempt

Showing the progress of my Third attempt at "Women Spreading Fish To Dry in Outport Newfoundland". This is an order that I received last month after the First one of those that I did, sold at the "AME"[Annual Members Exhibit"]at Devon House.

I have used fleece, sweat shirt, t-shirt, 100% wool, specialty wool and some yarn {for hair} so far in this mat. I am ready to roll this in order to complete the last12" x 24" piece that is left. After that, on to others that I would like to enter into other Exhibits and to complete some orders that I received in the Spring... Busy times.....


  1. Anne,

    When you use sweatshirt or tee shirt material, doesn't it fray or ravel up when cut into strips? I would like to utilize some fleece material but uncertain how to use it.

    Some advice would be great!


  2. No, Julie, it doesn't fray if you cut it with the grain. I have never had trouble with any of it... You need to cut a t-shirt, for instance, from the bottom up to the arm area and continue to cut this way. If you cut fleece along the bottom, it will curl up and thus, not suitable...Hope this helps.
    You should indeed give this a try, Julie, I think you will like to use different materials...

  3. Anne,
    I'll have to try your method for cutting t-shirts - I have only cut around the shirt and the strips curl. I thought that was good because the raw edges don't show, but I can see how that would make sweatshirt material too thick. Thankyou - you've given me something new to try.

  4. Excellent, Rughooker...Hope it works out for you as well. I always cut my materials this way and have had no problems. Tomorrow I will get a close up shot of part of my mat using diff. materials. I am too tired tonight; working at hay making today......

  5. Hi Anne,
    Beautiful rug. I love the Maritime themes. And thank you for joining my blog site.

  6. Thanks, Kim, hope you don't mind my sneaking in on your blog and following you. I saw your blog in another area and decided to look in. I liked what I saw.....:) I like the humor; we all need that sometimes.....