Monday, August 3, 2009

My Team Mate

I've been thinking of adding this picture to my blog but because I am not photo happy, as you can tell by looking at this shot of me,{looks as though I have my eyes closed} Ha, Ha... I have delayed doing it. But to be fair to my teacher and mother-in-law, Mary Ann Kirby, who is into her 92nd year and in a Senior's Home, I felt I should do this because where do we see this from a woman who was 91 years old when this was complete?? It was done in a few months and is done is size 24" x 36". She cut ninety per cent of the materials by hand{as I do myself} told the lady, an employee, who designed it for her exactly what she wanted drawn on it and hooked Most of the mat herself. Needless to say, the entire family is very proud of her. This mat will be displayed in the Recreation Room where she lives. The idea for the mat that I am holding ,designed and hooked by me, came from a photograph of HER husband and his crew members with a full load of cod fish in 1971 .I haved named this mat "When Cod Was King at the suggestion of my husband. She was very pleased that I hooked this particular one, of course.


  1. That's what makes rug hooking so special. The connection with things and people that really matter.

  2. I know you'll be thinking me nuts commenting on these older posts but this one touched my heart,,this is why I love you blog,,