Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to Hooking....

I am so happy to say that I have my burlap sewn down, pattern drawn and ready to put into my frame for another few days of rug hooking. Even though it is the same pattern as before, "Women Spreading Fish to Dry", I am very anxious to get to it. I miss it very much when I am busy at other things and with having company around, I cannot content myself to do any hooking. Company left this morning and now there is a three week lull before more arrives.... :)

We are waiting for Hurricane Bill to lunge on us but hoping that he will not be as nasty as predicted. The media seems to blow things out of proportion {no pun intended} and let's hope that is what they have done this time but it is great to be prepared. So tomorrow will be a Super day for me with my rug, hook and, my doggies at my feet.


  1. I just enjoyed reading your entire blog - thankyou for sharing with us. Your mats are wonderful. I read that you cut your strips by hand - can you tell us more about how you do your planning, color choices, etc? Do you use new or recycled wool?

  2. Hi Rughooker, Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the compliment on my mats. All my mats are "Originals"; I design my own from memories of when I was growing up, from pictures I have around or just life around me, basically. I do cut my materials by hand in different sizes of strips so as to get the effect I am looking for. I use mostly recycled materials such as t-shirt, sweatshirt, velvet, very small amounts of 100% wool. Sometimes I use yarns of different types for hair, clouds, flowers, etc. As for color choices, I do not know which colors I will use until I have my mat designed and in the frame ready to go. I have three tote bins of materials of all colors around me and I just decide from my stash. I know this may sound odd but that is how I do it. I have so many more ideas stored in my memory if I just could get to all of them. I hope this helped a little with answering your questions; however, feel free to get in touch again.