Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Mat

Finally getting around to posting a picture of my latest project....."Mummers Mat----Outside Scene".
You may notice that one of the windows of the middle house has a tree in it. When I took the picture, I didn't notice that I had left the trimmings off. Since then I have fixed it but don't have time to do another picture right now... I'm sure you will get the "gist". I am including a close-up picture as well....On to another one.....


  1. Anne, it looks great. I am learning to use the camera as another tool to improve my hooking. I too, when taking a picture and seeing it sized up, find a few things that need changing.

    It looks dull and wet here in CB and some snow on the way for Friday! BTW, how do you get your carrots to stay firm. My carrots tend to wilt after I harvest them. What am I doing wrong? It looks like you leave yours outside for awhile. Is this the trick?

  2. Your snow is amazing! Actually looks like their a piles of the fluffy stuff in the yard! Great job.

  3. Thanks a bunch, W.M.W....the intent was to make piles of snow; the reason I did a close-up was to show the snow in one area that I used "batting" that people use when quilting....

  4. Julie, We dry the carrots for a couple of days to make sure they is no dampness left and then put them in the root cellar. They stay really good until Spring comes on....
    Beautiful, sunny day today; this may be a "brewer" for the weekend.....