Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Attempt

I had said that I would post a picture of my finished mat; instead, I have decided to share this photo of my First Attempt at Painting with Acrylics and have to say I enjoyed working on this immensely. My sisters-in-law and I had lots of laughs but I also learned a little about painting which is something I have wanted to do for years but never felt that I would be able to turn out anything that would be recognizable. However, I am proud of my accomplishment and maybe will do other paintings during some down time......I wonder when that will be??????


  1. Hi Anne,
    I thought I had posted a comment for you about an hour ago but apparently it didn't work. Sooo...Just wanted to say I love the painting! You really did it in only one evening??? Can't wait to see what you decide to paint next.

  2. Hi Pat, No, it wasn't done in one evening. We spent a lot of hours at this.....two evenings which continued into late mornings and part of an afternoon...
    I would love to do more but right now have to get to my hooking that I have committed to do for people for Christmas gifts.
    Glad that you like it, though....thanks.

  3. Well, Anne, all I can say is "Well done!". I am sure that painting will only add to your already phenomenal hooking ability.

    I see a rug in the picture!!

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  5. Thanks, Julie. I love this picture and would most certainly love to do a rug like this.

  6. Anne - It is beautiful. And for your first time too.....shows a true artist. I fear that if I tried to do a painting it might look like it belongs on a day-care wall!!