Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Moving Along

A photo of the progress of my latest mat "Resettlement in Newfoundland" which occurred in the early 1960's when Government moved people from the small islands in Newfoundland to the main parts of the Mainland so that people could better themselves. This is questioned yet today.

I usually make changes as I go along, as I have done so far on this one..... I LOVE using bright colors as it brightens my day and hopefully the buyers as well.


  1. Lovely job, Anne and also love the pictures of the other family members. As you see, moving along with your pattern and hope you don't mind about the small change that you saw already.

    Back at the dayjob and extremely busy but making time for rug hooking!

  2. thanks, Julie and of course, I don't mind your changing the pattern. Use your own good ideas. The next one will be designed by you, I am sure.....

  3. I like the angle of the Boats in this pattern, and the variety of colors in the water.

  4. Thanks, Corinne. The first boat I had drawn on the right {green one} was heading for a collision course with the other so I had to change it. Then it was difficult to do because I had to draw over the other but that happens to me all the time. LOL!!