Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Mat

Have gotten around to beginning another mat, this one being a "Mummers Outside Scene". I enjoy hooking this particular one because of the bright colors. As Anne-Marie Littenberg said in her "Hooked Rug-Landscapes" book...."Color has an emotional resonance.....it influences how we feel even if we are unconscious of its effect". This statement is so true...


  1. Looks great. I have to ask you something. Looking at your frame, it seems that you take your picture right side up but you are actually working from side to side? Is that right?

    Right now, I am working on the last 3 icons upside down as I can't reach them at the top of the frame. Next time, I think I will add some material to each end of the project so, I can work on it right side up.

  2. Julie, I swear I have myself turned inside out sometimes trying to reach a certain area of my mat. I don't mind hooking upside down though.I roll mine twice; how often do you roll? I bought a small lap frame from Deanne Fitzpatrick two weeks ago that I haven't tried yet, just for a few small projects I'd like to do later. However, it has tacks stuck all around it instead of gripper strips. I can just imagine what my arms will look like when I'm finished. Not sure if it was the right decision. I do love my floor frame for large projects but you know, that is a good idea you have. I was meaning to ask YOU how you were managing with reaching yours just in case I was missing something. Apparently not...:)

  3. MMmmm, we are on the same wave length. Yes, about twice or so, same as you. I love the floor frame but P also made me a sit-on octagon lap frame which can be turned 360 degrees in any direction. It has gripper strips and I can use it on bigger projects...just lift it on and off.

    I have a terrible head cold right now...and not even looking at the icons...

  4. Sorry to hear you have a cold, Julie..Makes one feel miserable all over...

    I would like a lap frame that turns 360 degrees {with gripper strips}. I am thinking of selling the one I just bought if it doesn't prove out when I give it a try. Where did you get the pattern for it?

    I looked at the site that you had on your blog yesterday. Great site. I have added it to my Favorites. Thanks.

  5. Hi Anne

    We came up with the design by combining several other ones and then, I ordered the gripper strips from Shuttleworks..best prices. At first, P had it too high...then, she adjusted it and now, perfect. I will send you some pictures of it as I am sure that your DH can make you one.

  6. Thanks, Julie, I would appreciate that. They are a bit expensive to buy but I guess not cheap to buy the materials to make it. I'd rather have it hand made for me....:)