Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gift for My Aunt

In August, my Aunt Frances visited with her two daughters, Marie & Stella and a grand-daughter, Michelle, for her 83rd birthday. She was born and spent part of her years here before beginning her new life in N.S. I found this old photo on Facebook of the house where she was born & raised and her Father's horse. I decided to hook a small wall hanging for her.

This is the result..

She remembered the horse's name and needless to say, was very pleased with her little gift...


  1. You certainly are talented. What a beautiful piece. The colors you chose were beautiful as well. Lucky Aunt Frances.

  2. Anne, I love this rug. What a beautiful job you did. You are a very kind person to do this for your aunt. I'm sure that she was tickled pink to receive this thoughtful gift. Thanks for sharing this.

    You are very computer savvy to have installed all these gadgets on your Blog. I tried to install Live Traffic Feed yesterday and I'm missing a step and wasn't successful. Take care, JB

  3. What a wonderful little mat - and what a wonderful keepsake treasure for your aunt. She must have been thrilled. What a blessing you are Anne! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Just beautiful, Anne! Such a precious memorial for your Aunt.

    Your blog won't let me post as myself so I am posting anonymous.

    Sunny (from KY, USA)

  5. Thank You, Good People, for your kind comments...Much appreciated..

  6. Yea, I haven't been able to get on your blog lately,Love your horse rug, Cheri