Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Facebook Page

Want to let my blogger friends know that if you click on the Facebook tab on top of my page, you will go to a Personal Page I have set up on Facebook for my Mats, only. You will be entered in a draw for a small mat on Dec. 1st...details are there...I will post ANYWHERE in the World..
I have to inform you all who visits this new page of mine that in order for your name to be entered for my little "give away", you will have to click on the "Like" button at the top of the page or under one of my photos in order for your name to be entered. You can then leave a comment if you wish. This is an automatic number/name system that I am not familiar with...Learning as I go...Sorry about that :)


  1. Hi Anne, I left a comment on your facebook page. Your rugs are awesome. and you ((Rock)). Take care and don't work too hard. JB

  2. I left a comment on the facebook photo but I'm not sure if I did it correctly,, thankyou for visiting tonight

  3. Well Anne, I think that I hit the right LIKE button this time. You are such a great rug artist. I learned things about NL's way of life in the story that your rugs reveals.. Thanks for this. You are such a gift to your people. I admire you. Hugs. JB

  4. Hi Anne
    I hit the like button on your facebook page. and I am a subscriber to your blog. Looking forward to seeing more mats. hope i win!