Saturday, December 1, 2012

St. Pierre

As I said before "I am not a faithful blogger" only because I am really busy with household duties, etc., and with my hooking.  I committed to do too many mats/wall hangings before the Christmas Holidays.

St. Pierre is a small French Island, population of approximately 6000 people, off the Coast of Newfoundland and I am fortunate enough that after a thirty five minute drive, I can get there is fifty five minutes by Ferry.  Two weeks ago, Our " Regional Women In Business" Group were invited to take part in their Christmas Craft Show.  Such an honor!!  To say the least, we were very excited about this and of course, packed our crafts, art work together and off we go.

What a reception!!!  We were treated as royalty...After all, all four (this was as many as could attend at this time) of us were  ascending on a group of artisans that were selling their product for years..."Now how are we going to be received?" was the question in each of our minds....They were All so friendly, no animosity, jealousy, zilch.....

The cameras  from the TV stations were quite busy  with us as were people from the Radio Station, not to forget the interviewers from the Local Newspaper...  Amazing!!

Everyone that we met were very helpful including the Taxis, Bed & Breakfast Owner, Restaurants, etc.,

If ever any of you are interested in visiting another Country and are in Newfoundland, check it out.  There are day excursions as well.  Besides the Ferry, the Capistan, you can catch a plane from the  St. John's Airport.  You won't be sorry. 

Of course, I had to include a picture of a very few of the scrumptuous pastries that are available there.  Yummy!!!

The Group Picture includes, from left to righ: Our Interpretor, Cecilia, Artisan, Melaine( aka Wooly Hooker), Our Co-ordinator, Judy, The gentlemen is the  French  President of the Craft Council in St. Pierre, Sherry of the Thimblebox, Fabric Store, another French Gent who is connected with the Show, Myself and Artisan, Acrylic Painter, Kathy.


  1. Congratulations Anne, you'll be famous some day because of all the stories your rugs tell of days gone by.
    It's nice seeing Melaine too. I'm no longer on facebook so I haven't kept up with what you two have been up to.
    I hope that you all have a Merry Christmas. All the best.


  2. Sounds like an honor. I love the roofs on the homes.They look so colorful!

  3. Hey, that's great Anne. I've never visited there but have heard good things. I'll take a box of those pastries!!

  4. Thanks for your comments, Ladies...sorry, Kim, no goodies left. As you can see by the picture, someone had already raided the box...:)