Tuesday, June 14, 2011


There is an old saying that goes "time flies when you are having fun" and even though this type of work is back-breaking, Yes, time does fly...

We have completed our Main vegetable garden and here are a few photos to show you what it looks like right now:

Then there is my flower garden and while I am not a" green thumb" person, I feel obligated to work on it nevertheless. These photos are just the beginning and hopefully, as time goes by, I can show some improvement. Of course, that depends largely on the weather which has not been co-operating with us over the past number of weeks. Today is the second sunny day that we have had since May....

My two sisters-in-law bought me these two tan colored garden lights when they came for a visit. Aren't they adorable??? Naturally, I had to shop around and found the little white guy..

Then there is my Inukshuk next to my bleeding heart. I think a solar light or two is needed here. I am in the process, so a lot needs to be done yet.

Remember when I told you that I would post a picture of a "BARREL" of flowers that I have done over the years. I truly love it. I fill the top with Petunia Waves and poke Regular Petunias in the holes in the side. This is what it looked like at some point last summer..


Happy Gardening to All of you good people who dare to take on such a task.. to lots of people it is considered "therapy". My therapy is hooking mats and right now, it seems I cannot get to it. Part of the reason is that at night time, I am "head over heels" into watching the HOCKEY games....


  1. Hi Anne,
    Those gardens are huge! All the rain must be helping the plants if you can get stuff planted between storms! Love your new lanterns in the garden and it will look so great when you get it done!
    I have to be in the garden doing something this time of year as it really is a therapy. We had fresh lettuce plucked from a big wash tub last night for supper but I don't plant much in the way of vegetables.
    I love your petunia barrel too!
    Happy hockey watching!
    Cathy G

  2. well hockey is maybe soon over,, that was quite a game last night,, you have lots of garden,, we once gardened on this scale,, not now but I can surely enjoy yours,,beautiful love the flower bed inukshuk,,I've painted a few inukshuks,,

  3. Wow, what a large garden! I love the petunias...what a clever idea to put them in the barrel. Lovely garden! Thanks for sharing. Keep us updated with your garden. We'd love to see your harvest! Hugs!

  4. Anne, I'm amazed at the size of your vegetable garden. You have a lots of raised bed and I sure love the fence around it to keep the deers and critters out of it. It must be a lot of work to set it all up.

    I love your dog lights, Inukshuk and petunia barrel. They must grow well in there. I love the idea. Thanks for sharing this with us. Now I hope that your team wins tonight. JB

  5. Its nice to see your garden in the early stage. Now we can see how large it is. No wonder you had so many carrots last year!
    I'm torn with the hockey game. I want to cheer for Canada but have a long time sentimental attachment to Boston.

  6. HOLY CATS WOMAN!!! Are you nutty???!!! What - are you trying to feed half of Newfoundland??!!! That is one HUGE garden!!! Wowsers....with that, you'll never have time to hook again! ;o) Ok - I give - what's a "inukshuk"???? Hugs & Smiles ~ Robin

  7. Your garden is well...staggeringly impressive! And so beautifully neat and orderly. You do give me inspiration to create my own little veggie patch! Happy gardening!! And here's to better weather!

  8. Wow, that is one HUGE garden! I'm jealous! I think your green thumb is working just fine! Had a great visit today!


  9. I can't imagine having that much space. Your garden is going to be amazing once everything starts to grow. Please posts photos once the vegetables start to grow. Awesome!!!