Monday, February 6, 2012

Pet News....

I haven't posted anything about my beautiful pets lately so today I decided I would....for those animal lovers out there, and I am sure there are plenty..
When the weather is "nasty" outside, this is how our pets enjoy it. I hook away and they snooze away the day. Hope you enjoy....Thanks for my new followers and DON'T FORGET MY VALENTINE GIVEAWAY TOMORROW....
Goldie likes to sleep atop the chair while Mocha sleeps below....cute!!

Mocha & Spedo rests on one bed at times;
however, Mocha becomes curious when a picture is being taken, sometimes, as he is very photogenic......:)

Spedo likes to rest his arm on the window sill and look outside and is happy he doesn't have to go out.


  1. Cute. Sometimes they really do have "people" characteristics, like resting an arm on the window ledge. lol

  2. Anne, I enjoyed seeing your pets having a restful sleep like I could use.. Spedo looks like he's a thinking kind of a dog but I think that the cat Goldie is King or Queen of the castle. Have yourself a great week. JB