Monday, August 20, 2012

My Weekend Work

Yes, some of my Weekend Work and so it continues today with Bread Baking in the Oven; hopefully, the weather will improve tomorrow so that we can get some more Hay-Making done...Not that I am anxious to do that type of work but I am hoping to have it done before our wonderful "Rug Hooker's Weekend" on Woody Island the last three days of September.  Fingers crossed, please...:)

Here are some of my photos:

The Beginning of my pickles

Then comes the back-breaking job of cutting all the veggies

 The Final Result...32 jars of "Million Dollar Pickles".
 Those are some great broccoli that we grew...All Organically Grown, of course.

 Cauliflower was plentiful this year, as well..Some of our Green Peas in the Background...More to come yet.

 One Morning's Grab....cherry tomatoes and cucumber....Green house was very co-operative this year...

Sharing just a couple of pics. of my beautiful Lilies....
Hope you enjoy looking at those....Have a Great Day!!!


  1. Another great harvest Anne.

  2. Wow, your lilies are beautiful. There has been an infestation of red lilly beetles for several years in our area and they damage our lilies.Some have been totally destroyed. I hope that you never get them in your beautiful lilies.

    A lovely harvest of broccoli and cucumbers. JB

  3. Love your harvest and those lilies are stunning!

  4. you have an amazing talent,Anne, we are so lucky you are a Newfoundlander and you have chosen to represent our stories of our families and our way of life... Everyone one of us holds many memories and to see them come to life in a hooked rug is wonderful..... I have to buy your work...... keep inspired.. pauline