Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hockey Pros

This picture of boys playing hockey on one of the "ponds" in my hometown brings back LOTS of memories because when I growing up, skating was the past such thing as staying in the house to watch TV {probably because we didn't have one} soon as chores were done, we rushed to the pond for skating time. The boys would have a net set up on one end to play their game and the others who didn't participate joined the girls and boy, what fun we had....It seemed everyone, young and old alike, came to the ponds for skating. Too bad technology has changed our lives so drastically. I am proud of the kids who still take advantage of the outdoors.

This image was in my mind for a "mat", as well as sliding on the hills in my community, which was another BIG past time. When I saw this photo, I asked to have a copy because it is just what I need for a project in the future....


  1. Great idea for a rug. When I was a wee one, there was no pond, but I learned to skate on a public outdoor rink in town. I remember the men from the local Lion's Service Club volunteering to scrape and flood the ice and occasionally serving hot chocolate from the shack next door.