Thursday, January 14, 2010

Love Your Pets

I was a little {??} disgusted yesterday when I visited the vet with Spedo, our oldest shih tzu for his yearly shot. While there, a gentleman had a five year old cat, a beautiful one at that with markings that I would just love to own, that he was having "put down" because she had become aggressive, he said, over the last short while. When his turn came to register and asked the secretary the price it would be, he became very irritated because the cost was higher than HE expected. Because he lived about an hours drive from the Vet's office, he was upset over the fact that he would have to return home to get the extra money that he needed to pay for this procedure. Can you imagine this day and age that someone would not have access to a bit of money, if needed...??? So, he came up with the big idea that he would return home to get the extra cash but leave the cat there. That was a "no-no" and he was to take the animal with him. Well, he stormed out the door and literally slapped the cage on the car seat. I have been tormented since yesterday over this because I am very fearful as to what happened to the poor cat. Some people are not meant to have pets because they don't know how to treat them and certainly don't know how to train them. Your pet is a reflection of how it is treated, in my opinion. I Love my pets....


  1. Dearest Anne,
    That just makes me sick! I love my dogs so, they are like children to me. One wonders if the vet could have done more, maybe called the local humane society to intervene? Cathy G

  2. Cathy, I don't know the outcome of it but if the guy didn't come back, maybe the vet did call the SPCA in our area. My only hope is that he would.....

  3. Anne, that's horrible. I am sure that when he got home, he most likely just let the cat go off by itself in the woods.

    I hate to see any animal treated in such a way. Look at your two little angels dancing!What a great picture!

  4. Julie, my fear is that he would have just opened the cage and let it go before he got home. You can tell when a person likes their pet and he didn't give me that impression...
    Ya, our little buddies love to dance sometimes...precious!!!

  5. Miserable old bugger! From someone who absolutely pampers my little princess, I can't imagine how heartless some people can be.