Friday, March 26, 2010

Blog Total

I am really excited blog has hit the 5000 mark...Thanks to all of you who have looked in on me.. I like looking at others as well....Sometimes I do not is because there is not much interesting to say... {I think someone else at some point said the same thing}... I would appreciate your all continuing to look in every now and again and even leave a little comment... :)

My day is busy today with bread baking, hooking in between and visiting the barn to check on the little newcomers. We have two more sets of triplets added to the flock...It is such a Marvellous day today...I guess a "brewer" for the freezing rain and snow tomorrow...Keep our fingers crossed that we will not have another power outage...we don't miss electricity until it goes; I guess it is the same for other things in our lives; therefore, we should always appreciate what we have....


  1. Hi Anne,
    I sometimes think the same thing that there's not much interesting to say so I don't blog everyday. However I find the little things as interesting as the big events on other's blogs. I like to hear that you've been baking and checking on the triplets! And oh how I know the feeling of waiting for the storm to power, no blogging! Stay warm and safe in Lord's Cove my sweet Anne! Cathy G

  2. Ohh, thank you, Cathy, how sweet you are...Happy to know someone enjoys those little "dull" chores as I....

  3. I agree with Cathy. I enjoy hearing all the little bits of news from my blogger friends. Keep it up.

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