Monday, March 22, 2010


We know when "Spring has sprung" when we see this beautiful sight...It is indeed a busy time for my DH and I because of those little critters coming along and it is a wonderful feeling....the sound of those little innocent lambs makes one's heart flutter...At this time, we have a set of twin and two sets of triplets; a good start being that last season the first sheep that lambed borned five lambs and all were still born...these sights are very disheartening....let's hope we continue to have good luck with them this year but more especially for the mother's.


  1. Ohhh, Is there anything cuter than little baby lambs? Sweet. Good luck with your new additions. Glad to see you back blogging too.

  2. Missed your blogging and hope you are well. How's rug hooking coming along?

    Any new projects?

  3. Thanks, Kim and Julie, I have missed blogging but can't seem to get my mind around to doing some of the things I did before my mother-in-law passed...Actually, I have finished a rug, Julie, and on a second now...I am forcing myself, though...:) :)
    I will post a picture tomorrow....