Friday, January 14, 2011

My Latest Mat

I was asked some time back if I would do a "Newfoundland & Labrador" Flag. I pondered as to how it would look in such a large size; however, when I completed it this morning, I thought the result was ok and it would be great for a Den/Family Room.. The former Newfoundlander who ordered it now lives in Manitoba, so I guess everyone from home likes to have keepsakes of our great province...

The BLUE represents the sea.
The WHITE...snow & ice of winter
The RED...efforts & struggles of Newfoundlanders & Labradorians.
The Gold...Confidence Newfoundlanders & Labradorians have in themselves & the future.

These are my tags on the back of each mat that I make...

As you can see, I am no seamstress..... Enjoy!!!


  1. Anne,
    How did you do those tags?? I like them.

  2. Kim, I bought the top one and the other is one I made using Photo Fabric. I buy it at WalMart and then struggle with the computer until I get what I want. For lots of people, probably like yourself, it would be a whiz....thanks for looking...

  3. Love the NL flag. It is a great mat. The colours are beautiful. Is it tshirt material, Anne??

  4. ( my first comment seems to have gotten lost in space) LOL
    Here goes again..... I love your flag rug and the significance of the colors!
    VERY nicely done! I like the tags also. It is kind of a pain to make them on the computer but it does the trick!
    Hope you are having a good winter!
    Cathy G

  5. Oh Anne, you are so talented. All that hard work. How do you ever give them up?

  6. Nice Work Anne, the various tones of blue in the background look great.

  7. Thanks, gals...

    Julie, I used t-shirt, sweatshirts/pants, velour/veloux, whatever and some of our sheep's wool for the clouds...

  8. LOVE the flag!!! Wow you must of been on fire! Didn't take you long once you got started. The back ground speakes to me of sky and ocean and that fact that Newfoundland is surrounded by sea...its a perfect background!!

  9. Hi there! peeking in at you today, {saw your comment on mine!}...It looks like I hadn't read your blog since Christmas Eve's post!

    I love your rug~I keep saying that "one of these days" I'm gonna learn to hook, too!

    Your kitty looks pretty comfy there {in your header pic.!}....but pup looks more comfy! Isn't it great, when you can catch a great photo opportunity like that one!

  10. Wow Anne, you must have been hooking like speedy Gonzales... lol. The last time I was at your place.. two weeks ago this wasn't even on the backing yet. Great job. Your colors are wonderful. P.S. The chocolates were absolutely sinful.

  11. Hi Anne, I love your cat and dog. That is exactly the same relationship my dog Maulie and Morris have. It was so funny to see a younger Maulie and Morris. Orange cats are the best. Cheri