Sunday, March 27, 2011

"And So It Begins"

Just as we thought Spring was around the corner, Mr. Winter decides to come back again and I might add: "with a vengeance"...Just at the time when our Lambs are coming along. Trust me, it is not nice getting back and forth to the barn with the high, cold winds nipping at your cheeks...BUT, it is worth every bit of discomfort..

Our first sheep had numerous amount of problems and Tom & I spent about an hour trying to assist her in her job...poor dear...the result was four lambs, with one being still-born and because she was so distraught and exhausted from the ordeal that she could not pay enough attention to her one passed on within an hour and we rescued one of the others and brought her to our the workshop area where the furnace is situated..We really didn't think there was much point in "trying" to revive her, but with many trips up and down the stairs to coax her to feed from a bottle, talking to her, nurturing her, we brought her are two photos....and as you can see the poor mother hadn't even had the energy to clean her in the box when she began to brighten up...after several hours; the other when I took her out of the box onto the cement floor...What a beautiful sight to see this little one back to life...She is doing quite well with her Mother now and feeding as she should be...from her Mom....

We have Eleven lambs now and have plenty more to come...Hopefully, the Moms won't have too many problems trying to bring them into the world...


  1. ahhhhh baby lambs...I'm sure the time by the furnace and your tender loving care did the job!
    Spring where are you...snowing here also..just cleared the driveway AGAIN!

  2. Oh Anne,
    I feel your pain! How cute tho with that floppy ear! Take care ... And I hope it goes better for the girls from here out.

  3. Oh how heartbreaking to lose the little ones.. I'm so glad this little guy survived! I remember my Dad bringing a little lamb that had frozen( even had ice in it's nostrils) inside and opening the oven door and layed the lamb wrapped in a wool blanket on the door. It survived!
    Bless you in your good work as shepherds!
    Cathy G

  4. I wish I lived close by, as I would be certainly helping you in any way! Good luck, little lamb.

  5. Oh Anne, What a precious little lamb.Eleven lambs how neat when they get bigger plenty of wool for spinning.Cheri

  6. What a beautiful baby. I'm so glad he made it! And I hope things get better for you. Cold weather came after rain this morning, it has beenn 80+ degrees here in Louisiana! Take care. Luv-Loretta

  7. This little fellow is a trooper - as are you for the extra TLC you are bestowing. I'm sure he'll be a very special addition. I think spring is really coming in the next few weeks, fingers crossed.

    Anne, re your comment regarding my background image, it is in the "Nature" images in the "simple" template that blogspot offers. The duck picture was a google image I found.

  8. Thanks, Wendie, never knew it was there....what do I know??? :) :)

  9. I'm glad to see this little one recovering! Spring sure is slow in coming this year. It was beautiful today...but windy and cold! I hope you see warm weather soon.

  10. How sweet and precious. So glad that little one is doing well.

  11. Is there anything cuter than a new baby lamb? Sorry you lost a couple but take extra good care of the others.

  12. I love lambs! And I'm glad the little one is OK! I'm not looking forward to this storm, all the snow in our yard is just about gone. I keep telling myself that it won't stay around long!

  13. Aw how precious is this little lamb and that you saved it makes her even more so. Glad she is back with her mom now feeding.
    Honey I can not believe the bad weather that you all have been hit with and still getting. I so wish your spring weather would come tomorrow for you as I know that would not be soon enough.
    Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing this with us.