Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our Miracle Lamb, plus

It has been a long time since I have posted but life gets in the way sometimes...

Those little lambs coming into the world is worth every minute that is spent with them.

Here is the "Miracle Lamb" with His Mother. He is doing quite well and doesn't need any help from us, thankfully.

Here he is again.....Quite independent now.

And lastly, he is here with his sister and another "neighbour"..... :) :) They are ALL gorgeous...Still waiting on Four more sheep to bring theirs into the world...Hope there are no problems...


  1. Oh Anne, What a sweet lamb! What a lovely life you have! Cheri

  2. Oh, he is the cutest little precious!! I love all animals...God's creatures.Take good care of him and thanks for sharing with us. Luv-Loretta

  3. Oh Anne, your little lambs are so very cute and you are so lucky to have them. I just love them. I love my calves but they almost weigh as much as me when they are born.. Good luck with the rest of your expectant mamas. JB

  4. Oh I want a little lamb! They are the sweetest things ever!
    Hope all goes well with the ones on the way!
    Cathy G

  5. Thanks for sharing your lambing time with us. So sweet!

  6. They are the sweetest looking little creatures. I would just fall in love with them and want to keep them all.