Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Where does "time" go??? I am ashamed that it has been so long between posts. Last Friday I needed to bottle more "marinated carrots" because we still have plenty of fresh carrots left from last season and doesn't want them to spoil.....'waste not, want not', as the saying goes. There is a long process involved in making those carrots. First to cut up all the veggies that goes into the batch.....

Then continue to adding the liquids....

Finally, the result... 14-500ml. jars

Now, when I am canning, my kitchen is in quite an upheavel and I always hope that no one arrives when I am in the midst of it.... :) Lo and Behold!! just as I had the first pot washed(out of about three) and umpteen other bowls, containers, etc., around, my good friend, Melaine (Wooly Hooker at dropped by. I was mortified but passed it off and she and I had a great rug hooking chat and a nice' cuppa 'Tetley tea... Melaine saves some used clothing for me but this time had a precious piece of Wool material that she couldn't use...shucks, am I ever lucky!! beautiful purple....plain and plaid...I can just envision it being used in my next Mummers Mat....Thanks a bunch, Melaine!!! She has a lovely blog and you should visit if you have some spare time....Unfortunately, I don't know what that word means...

I have been hooking but one of my Mats cannot be shown right now because I am doing it in the hope that I may have it entered into a Gallery Show...As soon as I can, I will post a picture...

Can't leave without showing you all a picture of our beautiful babies....lambs, that is....they are all doing quite well...just one being bottle fed...

Tomorrow, it is MORE marinated carrots...Groan!!!!!


  1. That"s one of my motto also " Waste not want not" Your marinated carrots looks delicious. What a great feeling to get all those prepared and put in storage. Thanks goodness for Mason jars.

    I process my carrots through the food processor to make carrots cakes and then freeze them for our church supper but now my freezer is full to capacity with meat and other frozen stuff so I can't freeze my carrot cakes this spring.

    Your lambs are just adorable. It must be fun to see them jumping and frolicking around. Keep us posted on their progress. JB

  2. Your jars of carrots looks like jewels! What fun to get wool presents from a rug hooking friend. I do follow her blog and I love it! The lambs look darling...happy and healthy!

  3. Despite not being a big carrot fan, those jars do look yummy. What beautiful little lambs. I look forward to your posts or comments whenever you get time.
    Kim :)

  4. Good way to have the carrots storaged. Yes "Waste not want not". Oh, adorable babies. Fun to see they're growing.

  5. Glad you are doing alright. I know you get busy and I too, haven't been posting regular as life has a way of getting in the way!

  6. Oh, Anne - those little lambs are just so sweet...would the bottle-fed one be the little sweetie in the back of the photo by chance? Hmmm...marinated carrots - never have heard of those before. Not a huge carrot fan here (like them raw with ranch dip - and tolerate them when my DH makes a wonderful roast with them...but marinated? How do you eat them? Cold? On something? Just so curious!!) Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  7. Hi Robin, Yes, the wee one there is being bottle fed...He is smaller.
    As for the marinated carrots, you use them as you would pickles, etc...cold, Yes...they are yummy...Wish you were closer. I would share...:)

  8. You are always productive Anne! Love the lambs and will be expecting some of those carrots when I come to visit....which should be soon :-)
    Got your reservation in for the Woody Island Hooking Retreat... :-)

  9. I sure do, Paula...probably the first one to register...can't wait...let me know when you are coming so that I can have the floor swept...:) did you get a response from the exhibit "Blue"?

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