Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yesterday's Pleasures

Yes, I enjoy baking and cooking so much that it is indeed a "pleasure" for me...Lots of hours went into this what I am about to show you, but with so much carrots left from last years' crop that I decided to do some baking and freezing....

The first thing in the morning began with "putting bread to rise" as my Mother called it, meaning, of course, making homemade bread...
And this is the end result:

Now, we in Newfoundland can't make bread without having toutons (fried dough) for lunch...Smothered in Molasses, of course...

Then I proceeded to making those carrot muffins:

Then on to a new recipe for me which turned out to be the most moist carrot cake that I have made. Found the recipe on the internet, of course:

Then, I made my favorite, "Surprise Carrot Cake" which contains cream is just so delicious and freezes well...

Last, but not least, I topped my day off with a glass of Homemade Blueberry Wine...yep, made by my hubby and & I from blueberries that we picked with our own hands.... :) We have made every kind of wine possible from scratch, rhubarb, bakeapple, cranberries, partridgeberries, parsnips, etc...

Now, isn't that the largest amount of pictures in one post!!!!!

Willing to share my cake recipes......


  1. Anne, You are an inspiration! Everything looked like it could be in a cooking magazine.She hooks and she cooks! Lol Cheri

  2. Anne,
    I think you have the makings of an awesome cookbook! I wish I could apprentice with you!

  3. I remember you post last year with all your carrots. What a splendid way to use them all. I love carrots sweetened in a dessert. Everything looks delicious.

  4. Anne, I can get get over your BIG batch of home made bread. There's enough there to feed an army. Just like my mom used to make when we were little. You are must never be bored with all that you have to do. JB

  5. Anne, I started a diet today and you posted all those delicious looking photos! Ironic. Lol

  6. When can I come over, huh???!! MMMMM....I can just SMELL that wonderful bread!!! My mum used to make bread once a week or so - and on those days we'd have warm bread and homemade hot cocoa for dinner. I LOVED those days! I'm not much of a yeast baker...(although I WISH I were....but would love your carrot cake recipes!!!) Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  7. Will get those recipes for you, Robin..Just give me a little time...sheep shearing tomorrow, weather permitting....

  8. Would love to have your carrot cake recipes....I'm a sucker for trying out new carrot cakes....the one with the cream cheese sounds tempting!

  9. OMG Anne! You are the world's best baker and cook! I wished I could have a bite of every single thing you made! Blue berry wine! What a delicacy!
    Have you thought of putting together a cook book? Don't forget the wine recipe. I am going back in my email tomorrow to try and find the rhubarb pie recipe you sent me last Spring. My rhubarb is real nice this year and it's time to finally make a pie!
    Happy Sheep Shearing!
    Cathy G

  10. Love carrots, and everything you made looks absolutely delicious including that blueberry wine it looks pretty tempting too!

    Have a lovely week!

  11. I just found you today and I'm so glad i did,, this speaks home to me,,I'm your newest follower

  12. I think it's time to drop by for a cup of tea, lol. It all looks delicious Anne.

  13. Anne I am exhausted just thinking about all the baking you did. lol
    Wow girlfriend when you do something you really go all out.
    Love love how you topped the day off with a glass of your homemade Wine. Oh how I wish I could spend a day like this with you.
    How much fun we could have
    Thanks honey for the Birthday wishes and the comment about my darling Kaci.

  14. hummmm....looks like its time for another visit :-)

    Toutons ....yummmmm

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