Thursday, May 31, 2012

Checking In

Good Morning from Newfoundland, Canada.  Times are busy but enjoyable here. 

Last week, I canned Chili and Herring and am quite pleased that they both were very tasty.  Just getting ready for Hay Making time to have some quick foods available...

Of course I am busy at my rug hooking...I don't mind the wet days because then I can hook away and not feel guilty about NOT going outside. 

I have sent off four  pieces of my  work to a Museum in Nova Scotia, Canada, for display and on consignment.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I will receive a few nice comments.  :) 

This is a picture of one I am working on at the present time.  Please ignore those scribbles and scratches...that is the way I work...I make changes as I hook.  Sometimes it is difficult to see a certain part of my work and I have to go by guess...:0) However, persistence is my second name and I like challenges.  

Enjoy your day, everyone, and thanks for dropping by...

1 comment:

  1. Good evening from Massachusetts!!! Look at all your canning! Can't wait to see the finished product!!!