Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring Time is "Busy Time"

Spring has arrived early here in Newfoundland, Canada, at least where I live on the Burin Peninsula.  Vegetable Planting time and Lamb time... Sharing a few pictures of such..

Those containers, 20 each, contain  Onions and Carrots...the other some of the 40 drills of Potatoes that we have planted so far...Hopefully, I will be able to post some pictures later of the progress....


  1. What a lot of onions, carrots and potatoes.The sheep and lambs picture is so beautiful.

    Good luck with your gardening this year. It's nice to get that done early. Hope that the weather is nice for growing this year. JB

  2. The sheep & lamb look lovely, I've always wanted to have some & don't know anyone with some--I'm enjoying your the Lamb Time photos! Wow, that is a lot of gardening, I hope it's productive this summer to produce loads of canning. I just learned how to can two summers ago & love it. Keep us posted with the progress, and those adorable lambs:-)

  3. Hi Anne, those are beautiful pictures of your sheep. I think it would be very peaceful, waking up to that scene everyday! And what alot of gardens! I am managing to put in a few raised beds this 1st year in PA.