Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hello to Everyone...I was disappointed to see I had Lost a follower...I am not a faithful blogger, as you know, so I suppose that is the reason.

Well, I didn't think I would ever live long enough to wish for RAIN.  We have had about three weeks of exceptionally dry weather, temperatures soaring for this area and the gardens are suffering for it.  The lawn is brown rather than green and because we use Well water, there is none to spare for it, just nursing the vegetable gardens along.

Thankfully, potatoes don't need much extra water and they are doing ok.

The onions are doing wonderful; however, the carrots are not thriving at this point.
Newly potted broccoli, cauliflower, swiss chard, etc.

Last, but not least, the beautiful heap of COMPOST that is a huge part of our Organic Gardens.  And just look at that beautiful view we have from our homestead.

We will have to keep our fingers crossed that nature will soon take pity on us.  A look at some of my flowers next post.
Happy Gardening and Hooking, All.


  1. Hi Anne, It's nice seeing you blogging again and your gardens looks beautiful. I've had to take a break from blogger too just to rest and get things done.

    We've had perfect haying days and a lots of hay cut early this year in the first cut. We still have lots more to cut . My garden is not even all planted yet. I'm getting to drag my feet on getting things done this year. Love your big pile of compost. We have compost but lots of weed seeds in it.

  2. We've had enough rain this weekend for all the gardens in Canada! I think it should rain weekdays between midnight and 5am

  3. I enjoy your posts no matter how few and far between they are. If you are quiet, it means you are being very productive! Why not try doing a rain dance? And is that sand you are growing in?

  4. I just stopped in to say hi, I am a fellow rug hooker and a gardener. Your garden looks amazing.
    I was visiting Kim and saw the name of your blog and decided to stop by, you said you lost a follower so I became one. :)
    I like your blog.

  5. Your garden looks amazing! Sorry to hear you haven't had much rain, we've actually had a nice amount of it over the past two weeks in New England, I send it your way!

    Have a great week!

  6. Oooo, you got a nice trade picking up Miss Farm Girl as a new follower! I was worrying that I'd lose followers 'cuz I wasn't blogging much. I love stopping by to hear about your life, blog when you can! I also love hearing about your garden. I just put my first veggie garden in this year...raised beds. I couldn't be happier. Eating lots of salads...waiting for onions, peppers, and tomatoes!

  7. Anne, you resently became a follower of my blog By the Sea. I see from your profile that you are from the Burin Peninsula. My Mom (Cluett/Snook)was born in Fortune and I still have distant relatives in Grand Bank and Fortune. I love your rug work.