Sunday, July 8, 2012

Good Morning To You All.  First of all I want to thank my newest follower, Farm Girl, for joining me; Second, to Thank All of You for the comments on my last post.  We prayed for rain, which began the next day that I posted, and it hasn't stopped since.  Thanks, Kim, for sending it across the Gulf to us.  I forgot to say we didn't want a lot...LOL!!!

 I was fortunate enough to have been asked by Suzanne Conrod of "Hooked Rug Museum of North America Society" In  Hubbards, Nova Scotia  to display some of my Mats there.  Of course I jumped at the chance .  I am posting a picture of some of those on display there.  Can you pick mine from All those Beauties?  Who Knows, I may sell one or two....
Have a wonderful day and I will be back soon....BTW: Gardens are growing beautifully.


  1. Hi Anne,
    What an impressive display of hooked rugs! I would bet you will sell one of your beauties...... although if I had rugs that looked like yours it would be awfully hard to part with them!
    I'm so glad you got rain! So many in our mid western states where all the corn crops are grown are suffering terribly with complete drought. It's really scary!
    Your view is magnificent where you live! Will be keeping you in thought and prayer for good crops and more great rugs!!!
    Cathy G

  2. And thank you for sending the rain back here yesterday! Lol I hope you sell a rug or two.

  3. Such nice displays. I wish I were there to visit you. Your works are impressive, amazing !

  4. Your work is beautiful! This is a great display. Were you able to sell there as well? That would be an added bonus! Glad you got rain...we are still waiting....the garden needs it desperately.

  5. Just lovely, I would love to visit one of those, I never even knew they existed.

  6. I can pick out everyone! Your work is beautiful