Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back Home

Well, I had an enjoyable few days with my family, sitting with my one year old grandson and helping with interior painting in between. While I was away from home, the weeds did quite well; Sure wish my flowers would have grown so well....grrr!!! My clock will be set for six o'clock in the morning to get to my mat hooking. I have to get this done {Hay Making} before August 19th in order to have it judged for admission in the Cupids, NL., Celebration and if I am lucky enough, it may be bought for a display in the new Museum that is being built there in 2010. Quite exciting. I hope to post a few pictures as I go along....


  1. Glad to hear you had a nice break. The weather has been deplorable but as you said, the weeds are flourishing.

    I am surprised you didn't bring your mat along?

  2. I couldn't bring my mat along because I am using my floor frame; besides, I don't have another one. I tried the hoop once and didn't like it, just couldn't keep the burlap tight. I may buy one that has the gripper strips in the future. Which one do you use?