Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Beginning of my Blog

I have begun this blog at the suggestion of my friend, Julie, who also has a blog which you can check out at "". Such a wonderful day to begin on Canada Day---Happy Canada Day to ALL. Hope our country can continue to thrive and be safe. I am a Rug Hooker and hope to post a few pictures along the way. Right now my hooking is at a stand-still as my husband and I are avid vegetable gardeners and things are very busy but things are coming along very well already.. I will post a few photos as our garden progresses as well. For two days now I have been baking trying to use up some of the beautiful carrots we grew last year and had stored in our root cellar. Will make some marinated carrots in the next day or so. Also, the rhubarb is growing like weeds; however, we can benefit from the fruit more. I have made carrot muffins, rhubarb muffins, two varieties of carrot cakes, rhubarb loaves, rhubarb bread and the list goes on......

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